Social Media Services

Social Media is no stranger to me. Consistency is key when you want to connect with your target market online, but tangible goals are important as well. I offer services such as:

1. Social Media Setup - setting up Facebook pages, Instagram profiles, Twitter handles, among others  

2. Social Media Management - content creation, copywriting, campaign management, profile management like handle postings for social media accounts.

3.Community Engagement - interacting with the community, answering questions and more to increase engagement rate.

4. Writing Articles - When people are curious about something, they ask Google. Having an article online means that you are more likely to reach relevant people.

*Email me at to inquire about these services.


Content Creation

I love discovering new things and documenting them so Instagram is one of my favourite platforms! I currently have over 40k followers on Instagram and sometimes I collaborate with companies to help them reach their marketing goals. I specialize in creating content for beauty & fashion products, food, places and events. Email me to inquire about my rates.

Product Photography

Making a product come to life is a challenge that I love. To me, a photograph should be able to change a persons perception towards a product and I like to be able to bring that out. What can we do to communicate a brand's message in a photo? How do we tell people what it is about without using any words?

Youtube & IGTV

I use Adobe Premiere Pro to create videos for Youtube and IGTV for @marionstjoan.

Check out my Youtube Channel here . I collaborate with skilled videographers to create the perfect video.