Once a Month Grocery Haul May 2020

Like everyone else, I used to do my grocery shopping every week and I just bought whatever I felt like eating that week. Because the grocery store is so near to me, sometimes I even go twice a week. The problem with this is that (a) I spend more money, (b) I waste a lot of my time, (c) I eat more snacks and (d) I waste food more due to spoilage. I only realized all of this the past one and a half month or so after doing bigger grocery hauls due to the MCO...if you watched my Youtube Channel, you would know that I did a 2 week ‘panic-buying’ grocery haul in March and stocked up my fridge for 3 weeks in April.

I thought..since I am already stocking up for 3 weeks, why not just stock up for the whole month? So I went on to Youtube to check out some videos and I was delighted to discover that there were hundreds of videos out there! I am now a fan of the ‘monthly grocery shopping’ movement. It is time for me to stop wasting my time and money going grocery shopping every week and I only want to do this once a month now lol

Most of the grocery hauls videos that I’ve seen or that was recommended to me on Youtube were by people in the US or the UK and many of them are large families. It's interesting to see what they eat but after watching so many videos, I did get bored because its just the same meat, cheese and snacks all the time. I would love to watch similar kind of videos by people from other countries (especially Asia and more so Malaysia).

I was planning to do my groceries on Monday, 4th of May but due to the recent announcement, I will be going back to the office on that day so that means I have to get this haul done earlier by Saturday, 2nd of May in order to do my mealprep on Sunday. I assume that the grocery store will still close at 8PM considering that we’re still in MCO so after coming back from work, I won’t have time to cue and shop. Honestly, this shopping once a month is the best option for me. Plus, I don’t have to risk going to the store every week now.

Watch my video to see how much I spent! I try to eat as much fruits and vegetables as I can and I am glad to see that at least 50% of my haul consists of that. I bought chicken breast, mutton, beef and prawn as my meat for the month. I try to limit 1 type of meat each week and also the same for snacks and bread. I bought two household stuff in the haul, which was the kitchen towels and dishwashing soap. Btw, I shop mostly at Jaya Grocer because I can get 10% off fresh fruits & vegetables..this month I spent RM150 on that and I got RM15 off my total bill.

Before doing this haul, I did a 4 week meal plan and a very detailed grocery list. 3 meals x 30 days = 90 meals! Not including my snacks. I've never done this before..I really had to sit down and think. Basically, the plan is to eat most of my fresh produce on Week 1 & 2 and also cook and freeze other fresh produce for Week 3 & 4 so that I can still eat vegetables at the end of the month. Some of my meals for this month include salad, mutton curry (freezable), chicken & cream corn soup (freezable), tenggiri soup with carrot & tomatoes (freezable), burritos (freezable), falafels (freezable) and fried rice.

I am going to do this every month now, same as my monthly expenses breakdown. If you have any questions, you can comment below but you'll have to sign up because this is the setting with my new Wix blog..I can't really do anything about it *sad* If you don't really want to sign up, you can just comment the question on my Youtube video.

See you all in my June 2020 grocery haul then :)