Once a Month Grocery Haul June 2020

Another month, another monthly grocery haul~

My first monthly grocery haul went well. I did went back to the grocery store after two weeks to get more wet cat food and also dill for my pickles but other than that, I managed pretty well and my food lasted not 4..but 5 weeks!! My essentials like garlic, onion, butter, potato finished earlier than I expected but that just forced me to be creative with my meals. I enjoyed the first 2 weeks the most because I had A LOT of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables to feast on. Towards the end of the month, half of my meals were things that I prepared and froze earlier in the month. Some of the fruits and veg that managed to last towards the end of the month were corn, kiwi, tomatoes (but shrivelled), carrots, and guava. Totally no leafy greens at all but the frozen pack of edamame beans I bought in April really helped. Week 5 was the hardest for me to adjust to because it was mostly bread and tuna, chickpeas and black beans. But I managed..my goal was to finish all of my food before shopping for June and I did it.

I was so excited to finally go grocery shopping again lol..I kept a list in my phone that I updated throughout the month so that I can take note of the food I was craving for. What am I craving for June? Strangely...SALAD and MANGOES. I also saw a lot of local fruits (it is in season now) so I wanted to take advantage of that. Bought rambutan, mangosteen, langsat, lychee...I think I might go for seconds hehe

I missed my fruits and veggies so much that they make up more than 50% of my groceries for June. A record lol. This month, the only meat I bought was minced beef (to make beef ragu for my pasta) and tenggiri fish to make my tenggiri soup. What do I have for junk food? I had oreos, cheese balls, butter cake and a pack of shoestring fries. I also still have a packet of unopened Nougatelli cookies in my pantry that I will enjoy soon.

I thought that I could manage with a budget of RM350 this month because instead of going grocery shopping on the 1st of June, I went on on the 6th..which meant that I only had to buy for 3 weeks. But my total ended up to be RM456 instead..its probably due some of the premium stuff I bought like Haloumi cheese, Heinz ketchup, 6 avocados (they were on sale) and my tenggiri fish lol. I also stocked up on 3 months worth on white beans from Shopee so that I could save money on postage and stocked up on butter as well. Plus I FORGOT to use my 10% off fruits and vegetables AIA benefits at Jaya Grocer -.- I could have saved RM10 from that. Hopefully I don't forget next month.

So far this is working for me and I hope it continues. I am still learning a lot..it reminds me of when I first started tracking my expenses - I didn't know anything..I just STARTED and learned from there. Oh oh..and I lost weight too - 1KG - even though I didn't need to.

See you in my next grocery haul!