Monthly Expenses Breakdown: May 2020

Hi all, I can’t believe it is the 16th of June already. I have been busy taking care of cats, editing videos and going through something huge :P Anyway, after the MCO, my colleagues and I had to alternate going to the office weekly. Honestly, I was a little anxious at first, but it was nothing to worry about. Driving to and from work was a breeze and now that everything's back to normal, it is no more and I kind of missed that lol

My expenses are back to just over RM4k. was good while it lasted. My expenses have been the same, except for the increase in electricity bills but compared to all the TNB screenshots that I’ve seen online, mine was good!

Food (Groceries + Eating Out)

If you don’t know already, I tried something new in May and that was buying my groceries once a month. How was my experience? Great - I feel like I saved a lot of time and energy by not going to the grocery store every week, I eat healthier, and I believe that I generated less food spoilage. I did end up going back to the grocery store though to buy cat food and also dill for my pickles. The experience was an eye opener for me. I am still learning as I go..maybe 1 year from now I will be a pro at this :)

I also found a new way to improve my expenses categorisation. Before this month, I used to label cat food under my ‘grocery’ bills but now it is categorised under ‘business expenses’ because IS a business expense. It’s just that I never thought it that way before. You know, even after 3 years of doing my expenses, I still find new ways to tweak how I categorise my expenses.

Because some people want to see what I made from the groceries I bought, I made a post on Instagram if my food. Sadly, I could only post 10 photos because that was the limit. If you are curious, check it out:


Had to service my car..replace the oil and also did something to make the air-conditioning cool again. Total was RM350. Because I am now alternating between working from home and at the office, I have to buy petrol again..spent only RM34.45 though. Even though electricity bills increased, the reduced petrol expenses helped me out.

Due to the CMCO and also Raya, posting items in May was a nightmare. I sent a package to my friend in Sarawak earlier in the month but it never arrived to her I sent another one (which had more stuff since it was close to her birthday)! I was surprised to hear that she got the first package a month after I sent it. So she got two gifts lol

By the way, I’ve taken up guided meditation recently and I love it! Most of the time, I meditate straight after I wake up and I feel like it helps me to get through my day. Usually I will get angry when I come across idiot drivers on the road, but recently it didn’t bother me so much anymore.