Monthly Expenses Breakdown: June 2020

June has come and gone so fast, we’re now in the second half of 2020! I’m trying to think back on what happened last month, but all I can think of is that everything is back to normal (new normal) at least. Everyone is back to work again at the office, most stores are back open and people are travelling, at least domestically, again.

I don’t have much to update here because I documented the most exciting part of June in my OnlyFans..people have to pay to subscribe to see what I post there, and it’s great for me because I don’t want this news to be available to everyone..something big is happening in my life and I don’t know if it will be a success or a huge expensive failure. If I fail, at least I don’t show the whole world lol :)

I will, however, continue to update my monthly expenses breakdown in my blog though, simply because I like to re-read my old posts.

Here are a few small wins for the month:

  • Brought my own lunch every day for work

  • Managed to get a secondhand muji diffuser (something I wanted for years tbh)

  • Finally replaced my >8 year old backpack

  • Cat sitting is back on track. Qiuqiu is still here but I had Mimon@Mignon, Miyo, Milot, Luna and Hiccup with me. So many cats! But not all at once lol

  • Decluttered my wardrobe after 2 years

  • Bought a new iron to replace my 10 year old one that stopped working

Groceries + Eating Out (RM572.41 + RM71.95)

This was my second month of doing a once-a-month grocery haul..I spent quite a lot at RM572.41 but that's because I stocked up on a few things like beans for a few months, and tenggiri enough for 2 months. I also bought lots of avocados because there was a sale but that turned out to be a bad idea because I couldn’t choose the avocados and 4 of the 6 avocados I got turned out to be bad. Another thing that I regretted buying was the frozen broad beans (or fava beans) to replace the edamame beans I wanted but I hated eating it and I just threw the whole thing. Never again. I did spend RM71.95 on ‘Eating Out’..I went out to eat twice and also bought some snacks to eat at the office twice. Now that I am not working from home anymore, I can feel that I eat a lot of junk food at the office.

Donation / Clothes (Bags) / Miscellaneous (RM900 + RM309.36 + RM492.50)

As usual, my donation category is actually contribution to my family. I did do a little shopping this month, simply because there was a sale that I could not ignore. I wanted to replace my >8 year old backpack and this was the chance to get 35% off on the Under Armour bag that I really wanted from Zalora! I also got another backpack as my ‘work bag’. Am tired of carrying my cute Ikea bag already because I feel like it's so heavy since I have to carry my lunch to work everyday. Do you know what carrying a backpack in the long run is better for the posture? I just found out about this. Anyway, I also managed to find a secondhand MUJI diffuser and I am in LOVE with it. I’ve been wanting this since forever and only been aggressively looking for a secondhand one these past two months. Because I’ve been getting into meditation recently so that’s why.

I also bought 2 other things..I bought a steam iron to replace my 10 year old one that broke down before MCO. Just because I needed an iron to make my preloved clothes presentable for filming and selling. The money I made managed to cover for it though so even though it was hard work decluttering and preparing everything for sales, it was worth it. The last item that I bought was a Young Living Lemongrass Essential Oil at RM67.50. Very expensive. I know that Young Living is an MLM and I don't support that at all because they are mostly scams. Their items are also overpriced because how else the people at the top of the pyramid make their money? I can get Organic Lemongrass Essentials Oils for RM30 literally anywhere. But my friend said she want to try this out so I just support her, not the brand. And with an amount I am comfortable with. Sometimes the best lesson is experience, I already learnt that a long time ago. I've already said my part.

That’s about it for my June monthly expenses breakdown. Now that I’ve written everything down, I realized that I spent a lot of money this month to replace things actually lol. Anyway, I’m happy that I managed to get this blog done quickly..that’s because it's the time of the year to do another mid-year personal finance review or analysis thingy! Stay tuned for that post.