Monthly Expenses Breakdown: July 2020

We're officially in the second half of 2020! Have you read my mid year personal finance review post yet?

I'm happy to see that my spendings is less than RM4k this July even though I spent more than RM1.4k on the 'Donations & Gifts' category. It's only a few ringgits short lol but this is still better than nothing *grateful crying face*.

Fixed Expenses (RM1,461.66) & Utilities (RM150.27)

Fixed Expenses remain the same. You can read more about the breakdown here if you haven't already. I'm hoping to lower this amount by the end of this year or in the beginning of 2021..and I'm not just saying it this time round haha I'm really going to make it happen

As for utilities, it's high because of the cats but still lower than last month (strangely). I honestly don't know why the charges are different and I can't be bothered to ask the management.

Groceries (RM425.50) & Eating Out (RM151.75)

I went over budget again this month..Now I am wondering, did I really go over budget or did I set my budget too low? Hmm..The thing is I count everything I buy at the grocery store in the Groceries category and that includes household items too so technically my 'Food' expenses should be lower. I will improve my categorizing next year. Meh. Anyway, I usually create a separate blog and video for my groceries so you can check it out here.

July was a no ordinary month for me, because I experienced more stress and anxiety than usual due to a certain situation. It was up and down and it affected my eating pattern. Some days (weekend) I eat just one meal a day because I nap really long to calm myself but some days when I am too stressed, I binge on (unhealthy) food. Out of the total, RM151.75 was spent on eating out.

Makeup (RM28.00)

I am so excited to write about this category even though I only spent RM28. But thats the thing.. I ONLY SPENT RM28 on MAKEUP. Basically, I stocked up on my fav sunblock because someone was selling their preloved one on Carousell..basically two for the price of one (including postage! WHAT A DEAL). One of the bottles was lightly used and another was completely new. So I got 2 months worth of sunblock covered and I am happy about that.

Misc (RM121.80)

Out of this amount, I spent RM36 at the dobi because my washing machine decided it doesn't want to work anymore. It costs RM5 to wash and RM4 to dry...this amount adds up because I wash in separate colors and also because I have to go to the dobi weekly. That said, I really need to get someone to fix this machine SIGH.

Next, I finally decided to brave the salon and spent RM23 for my long overdue haircut (haven't had a haircut in 1 and a half years) and I am satisfied with it. Finally, the last thing that spent on was 4 x 10ml essential oils (EO) and at a total amount of RM62.80, they were a STEAL. Its a combination of new EOs that I bought at a discount from Zalora and also secondhand ones from Muji (my fav) that were practically new. A 10ml bottle can last me about a month with daily use which means that these babies will last me about 3-4 months and they average at about RM20 or below each month. Not a bad price for something that can make me feel relaxed and sleep well every night :)

It's almost 11pm right now and my head is already bobbing up and down as I type this. Gonna go to bed now. See you in my next post!