How to to Apply for PTPTN Loan Repayment Exemption

My daddy and I

I recently graduated and it feels so good! Why? Because I got first class and I’m 90% closer to my goal of not having any student debt. I visited the PTPTN office at Putrajaya the other day to apply for the loan repayment exemption. I thought it was going to be a difficult and tedious process but it turned out to be really easy. It also helped that my university provided almost all of the necessary certified documents (except the Borrower’s Declaration) and passed it to me when I collected my transcript.

Basically all I had to do was get a number at the information counter (the lady will assist you, just tell her you are a first class student lol) and wait for my turn. The officer will ask you for all the documents and also if you have the Borrower’s Declaration. If you don’t, they will give you one and you fill it on the spot. It would be better if you could bring it in advanced though. Once you’ve passed all the documents to the officer, it’s done!

They will tell you to wait for the mail in a few months time (the website mentioned that it will be processed within 60 working days from the date the full document is received).

UPDATE (1 Nov 2018): I've received the confirmation letter! I am exempted from PTPTN Repayments. Woohoo!!!!!! GOAL COMPLETED. Most days were easy because I took it one day at a time, but there were days when I just wanted to say F it and drop everything. Thank you God for giving me the patience to endure all the challenges - from the difficult application process, to obsessively dealing with group assignments, to concentrating on subjects I did not care about, to juggling earning money/entering competitions WHILE maintaining my grades etc.

List of documents to bring:

  1. Completed Borrower's Declaration (click here to download).

  2. Copy of First Class Honors Bachelor's Degree or its equivalent.

  3. Copy of transcript of certified examination results.

  4. Certified copy of Certificate of Accreditation from MQA (For IPTS borrowers).

  5. First Class confirmation letter (if not recorded the word "First Class" on the Degree).


  • Copies of supporting documents must be certified by an authorized officer as stipulated by PTPTN ie the Academic Division of the IPT or the Issuing Division of the Transcript and the Skroll at the IPT / Branch of the borrower to pursue studies only.

  • Authentication cops must contain the Name of Officer, Position and Name of the Department.

  • For transcript not specified scoring / grading information, note of the calculation and marking / grading determination letter from the IHE should be included.

Of course, you have to adhere to the terms in order to be accepted for the PTPTN Load Repayment Exemption.

Here are the terms according to the PTPTN website:

  1. Awarded First Class Bachelor's degree by IPT.

  2. Full time postgraduate studies.

  3. Graduated within the specified period in accordance with the PTPTN loan offer document.

  4. The PTPTN education loan does not overlap with any other sponsorship.

  5. The courses attended by the borrowers have obtained an Accreditation Certificate from MQA.

  6. Complete application must be submitted to PTPTN within twelve (12) months from the date of graduation during the convocation.