Monthly Expenses Breakdown: March 2020

It's the end of the first quarter of 2020 and from what I am seeing, I am spending around RM4.5k every month so far this year. I don't like it..I don't like it at all. This is not how I want my 2020 financials to be. I want it to be at least RM1k lower. Something needs to change..especially now that we are entering a recession. Sometimes I even think about moving back to a room in a shared house and live super minimalist and swap my big fridge for a mini fridge (it would make such a good vlog idea btw but you probably won't see any cooking videos from me after that lol).

Transportation (RM818.35)

Time flies by so fast, it's been a year now and I can’t believe that its time to renew my car insurance. I spent a total of RM638.30 for my little Kelisa. Not bad right? I hope that I’ll be able to drive this car for another 5 years. Anyway, other transportation expenses this month were Grabcar rides at RM102.20 (I went to PJ to have lunch with my cousin earlier in the month..btw PJ is still a place that I don’t want to drive to, especially on the weekends) and Petrol at RM77.85. I’ve been working from home since the first day of MCO so petrol expenses have cut by half.

Food: Groceries and Eating Out (RM779.25)

Look at how much I spent on food! It’s too much I tell you. Here is a breakdown of my eating out expenses: The most expensive was when I ate out at restaurants 3 times this month (RM109.30), then I also had 1 takeaway food (RM19) and bought snacks outside 4 times (RM20.10). The total for all is RM148.40 and its my lowest amount in 2020 so far thanks to my initiative to reduce my takeaway orders. In January and February this year, I ordered takeaways 7 TIMES each month and I managed to reduce it to only 1 TIME this month. One reason is because of MCO (can’t deny that) but during the first two weeks of March, I motivated myself by taking a video of my packed lunch every morning and creating a weekly video. Watch here:

As the cost of me eating out decrease, it seems like my grocery expenses have tripled compare to the last two months at RM630.85. Out of this number, I spent a total of RM274.45 stocking up for a lockdown (this was before the MCO announcement).

At that time, we had only 400+ cases and it seemed really high to me at the time so I wanted to stock up on 2 weeks worth of food before the panic buying starts (and it really did start a few days after so I was glad that I did it and managed to avoid the crowd). I did another fresh food stock up on the 22nd of March which totalled to RM147 and all my food lasted for 3 weeks without me having to go to the grocery store. Sadly, at the time I am writing this we’ve had 4k+ cases and we are also entering the third phase of MCO.

Gifts / Donation: RM719.00

Since I already sent extra money to my family in February, my expenses in this category didn’t hit RM1k. I was able to buy gifts for friends birthday and wedding presents in early March as well as donate to COVID-19 relief funds for Malaysians in need. You can click here to learn more.

My home office set up

How is staying at home doing for everyone? I’ve been keeping myself busy on the weekdays working from home and doing this on the weekends. My day job is not badly affected (I'm still getting paid 100%) but I am losing income from my other freelance jobs due to MCO and also the economy. I believe this will continue till the end of 2020. Nonetheless, I am grateful that I still have a stable job and I can use the extra time to do something productive.

Tbh, I am a little scared of the virus because of all the respiratory problems it seems to bring. Although I do not have a chronic illness, but my past experience with bronchitis make me not want to risk my lungs to Covid-19. Thank you to all the frontliners that are working hard to protect Malaysians from the virus as well as all the organisations that are helping the needy. I only hope that my monetary contributions can be of help.

See you all in my next post.