Monthly Expenses Breakdown: February 2020

I’m thinking of what to write for February and it feels like kind of a blur to me. It wasn’t as busy as January (thank goodness) so I remember spending most of my free time on the weekend and after work sleeping and laying down because I totally didn’t feel like doing anything. I procrastinated a lot on editing my videos too but still managed to churn out 4 videos a month so I gotta give myself a pat on the back for that at least.

I’ve been going on longer walks lately to try and control my stress (I like it but I feel like it only works for a few hours before I feel down again *sigh*). I’ve been using the myfitnesspal app again lately because I found out that you can input what you eat more easily now through scanning barcodes (perfect for lazy people) and also because it can track your steps through your iPhone each day. I like seeing the numbers..especially after I hit 10,000 steps in a day.

Donations & Gifts - Family (RM1650)

This is one of the highest amounts that I’ve ever had to contribute ever. I have to be honest, I am very stressed about see this amount increasing at such a fast pace is very discouraging. I have too much thoughts in my head thinking how to manage the future. How bad is this going to get? The stress is causing me to eat more junk food and shop more. I don't want to do all those things but I don't know how else to deal with it..I'm already going for 8km walks and practicing gratitude and all that.

Food: Groceries & Eating Out (RM453.50)

Anyway lets move on to food. I saved quite a bit of money on food this month due to my obsession with minestrone soup. I ended up making two batches because I failed the first one (you can check out how I failed on the video above) so I ended up eating minestrones for many of my meals. I also tried out the Korean IU Diet for a few days too...and I also failed that lol. Eating only an apple, sweet potato and protein drink wasn’t appetizing at all. I need variety in my mouth.

Ate out at restaurants 4 times (RM61.35), ordered takeaway 7 times (RM149.20), bought snacks 1 time (RM21.00) and had 1 Coffee Bean drink (RM9.60). There is a slight improvement from last month but the problem is takeaway..I had it 7 times AGAIN. Most of my takeaways are from Family Mart, where I get most of my breakfast and lunch from on days when I am too busy (or lazy to prepare food to be exact). I’ve got a plan to reduce my takeaways which you will be able to see in my March monthly breakdowns.

Clothes (RM383) & Makeup (RM82)

Ugh I hate myself for spending so much on shopping AGAIN. I bought some clothes and jewelry to make me feel better this month and also fake lashes:

  • Missguided White Dress from Zalora - RM136.50

  • ONLY Blue Sweater from Zalora - RM124.00

  • Wanderlust & Co Necklace - RM72.00

  • Her Jewellery Earring from Zalora - RM50.00

  • 2 Pairs of Fake Lashes from FashionValet - RM82.00

I bought this gorgeous Her Jewellery earring from Zalora to replace a similar one of mine from H&M that I bought for RM5 years ago. But I had to chuck the H&M one away because it was rusting and the shiny part wasn't shiny anymore after a few years. This time, I invested RM50 ones instead. Lets see how long this lasts...

In the photo above, I was also wearing the fake lashes that I bought from FashionValet. It looks really natural, I love it..I've reused this pair almost everyday and its still going strong (I clean it a lot too ya). So far I haven't done any last extensions so...saving tons of money there!

Miscellaneous (RM49.00)

I spent RM49 on Zalora’s next day delivery annual fee. Tried it out and ordered clothes at 1PM and I really received my item the next day. It was great, the faster my items arrive the better. Maybe I should cancel one month of Netflix for this lol

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