Monthly Expenses Breakdown: January 2020

Welcome back to my first monthly expenses breakdown post of 2020. As mentioned in my December 2019 post, it was a busy January for much work to do. And I was even fully booked for cat sitting! Omg I had cats almost every day of the month and took care of 7 different ones (they were ALL amazing) because it was the month of Chinese New Year and a lot of people went back to their hometown and for travelling while I spent most of my time catching up on my video editing for Youtube and writing my blog posts.

Fixed Expenses (RM1470.89)

I came up with my 2020 Fixed Expenses Breakdown recently. As you can see, the numbers are almost the same as 2019 but I did make a few changes. One of them was taking out my Adobe CC expenses from my personal expenses (it will be going to my business expenses) and another change was to move my Maxis bills into my fixed expenses. Anyway, my fixed expenses are RM14.77 lower this January BECAUSE my Netflix bill still remains at RM42 and my Amazon bill is still at RM12.23.

Transportation (RM538.70)

For transportation in January, I spent RM245 to service my car and the other remaining amount was for petrol and Grab. RM500+ is too much to spend on transportation a month SIGH. But I had a few friends come to KL in January so a lot of my expenses were tied to these activities like shopping, eating out and of course, transportation.

Food - Groceries & Eating Out (RM556.84)

My obsession during January was Brie Cheese + Tomato Grilled Sandwiches:

OMG I didn't know Brie would taste so good with tomato. It was mindblowing for me.

Anyway, let's talk about eating out. In January, I ate out at restaurants 5 times (RM110.60), ordered takeaway 7 times (RM124.20), had 3 Coffee Bean/Starbucks drinks (RM43.65), bought 2 snacks (RM12.70). I categorized all this as 'Eating Out'. Okay...doing the analysis like this makes me realize that I order more takeaway than I should. That's what happens when you don't meal prep enough...

Clothes (RM357.19) & Makeup (RM100.10)

I can’t believe I already spent so much on clothes on my first month lol.

Here is a list of the clothes and makeup I bought in Jan:

White Fluffy Top from Pull & Bear - RM129.00

New Brown Sandals from Twenty Two (Zalora) - RM43.00

Basic Tank Tops from H&M - RM35.90

Topshop Midi Green Skirt and Dark Blue Paperbag Pants from Zalora - RM149.29

5 Maybelline Concealer - RM100.10

Other than the brown sandals and dark blue paperbag pants, the other clothes were mindless purchases. As I mentioned, I went out with a few friends in January. So, I kinda got influenced to shop because I see them shopping as well. For cosmetics, as you can see, I bought a bunch of Maybelline Concealer because Guardian had a 50% off sale so I decided to stock up for the whole year.

Miscellaneous (RM131.80)

Due to the panic in early January about the COVID-19 virus, like many Malaysians, I went out searching for hand sanitizers and face masks after the news broke out. I think I spent more than RM60 just to get all these stuff from Caring and also from Shopee. That month, I also somehow got a ringworm on my chin so I had to buy some cream from the pharmacy. Other expenses from this include stationary for the office and a new yoga mat.

Super expensive hand sanitizer..about RM23+ or so. I put this in the office

January activities lol

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