My Monthly Fixed Expenses Breakdown 2020

I am back with my annual fixed expenses post! I find that it is easier for me to write this down in a post instead of having to repeat myself every few months. As you can see from the figure above, my fixed *personal* expenses total to RM1485.66 every month and it consists of Rent, Unifi, Maxis (postpaid payments), Insurance, Netflix, Amazon and my iCloud storage. That’s 7 items.

Now before you continue reading this post, do take a look at my 2019 fixed expenses post. Then you will be able to understand this post better, as I will be comparing then and now.

What’s different in 2020 compared to 2019?

1. I’ve removed Adobe Creative Cloud from my personal expenses and moved it to my business expenses. I mostly use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro on my laptop and Adobe Lightroom on my phone for my freelance work. On top of that, I am planning to learn Adobe After Effects to improve the quality of my videos. Anyway, I am finally earning revenue from my Youtube channel and the revenue I earn for the year will be able to cover my Adobe expenses for the year so I thought that it was time for me to start organizing my business expenses.

2. I’ve moved my Maxis expenses to my fixed expenses. Compared to 2 years ago, my usage has been pretty stable in 2019 and most months it is RM114.50 so I’ve decided that this is more practical.

3. Netflix increased my price from RM42 to RM45 from March 2020 onwards. Ok fine.

4. I’ve also recently subscribed to Amazon and I’m currently on a discounted price of RM12.23 but in 2020, I assume it will increase to RM24. Will update this if there are any changes.

The rest of my fixed expenses are still the same as 2019 so if you skipped that at the beginning of this post, do have a look. I still live in the same place and I still use all the services above for the same exact reasons.

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