Monthly Expenses Breakdown: December 2019

Hello..miss me?

I’m pleased to say that I am back with my final monthly expenses breakdown of 2019! I blinked my eyes for a moment and it’s already the 17th of January. I have been super busy at my day job lately then going back home to creating content for awesome brands (mainly SOCAR and Lancôme this month), creating and editing my weekly vlogs as well as petsitting on top of the time-consuming activities of making home cooked food (some healthy and some not so healthy) and maintaining a clean home. My free time is spent lazing in front of the television and that the reason why I’ve been posting a lot of TV IG Stories lately.

Anyway, what a ride it has been to actually sit down and analyse my expenses every single month. Even though I have been tracking my expenses since 2017, I find that there is just so much that I can still improve. That said, I will continue to write my monthly blogs in 2020 and am excited to see what this year will bring me.

The month of December was all about Christmas! I hosted a Christmas party for my uni friends and we had an awesome catch-up. I participated in a lot of secret santas lol and also took a week off from work to go back to KK for Christmas.

Sounds so nice and fun right? Well, the damage was RM5,724.55. SIGH. I managed to cover the additional expenses but I can say that I did not have any money to save this month. I did feel a little negative but it’s the new year! More opportunities to come. During moments like this, gratitude helps.

Christmas Party

I hosted this party for 6 of my friends from uni in early December and it was a hit. Funny how when I hosted the first party in 2017, we were all still university students. But now we’re all busy working. For this party, most of my expenses were spent on FOOD. We had Dominos, 4fingers, Nandos, Krispe Kreme, Japanese Cheesecake etc. The food was more than enough..should have bought less actually. I hope I will be able to order just enough for my future parties. Had so much fun exchanging gifts and watching a funny movie but I do remember feeling SO full that I didn’t even eat breakfast the next day. This was part of my 2kg holiday weight gain.

Christmas Holiday Back Home

Because of my transportation, food and donations & gift expenses increased a lot.

At RM900, my return flight to KK was 68% of my total transportation expenses. That’s because I booked my flight the very last minute (will plan better for next year) and it’s also included the extra RM50+ I paid to get business class instead. Might as well get my nice food and extra space since I’m already paying so much right? Sadly I wasn’t able to enjoy the 30kg luggage perk because I only brought my backpack along with me. The bulk of the balance transportation expenses was the RM340 I spent to rent a Myvi for 3 days because it was hard for me to visit family and do other stuff without a car in KK. Being in a kampung, it was really hard to get Grab. I tried it once and it took me more than half an hour and that’s only because there was a Grab passing by. I even offered a 100% tip in the notes section but still there was no car T.T

Other than the RM60 I spent at Shoney’s for dinner with my friend Faith, a bulk of my food expenses (maybe RM300?) was spent on buying food and other household essentials for my family so that’s why my food expenses was higher than usual. I also mostly ate out when I touched down in KL at the end of February (empty fridge+feeling lazy..a deadly combo). I also spent extra monies on gifts on top of my RM1k contribution to my family.

Even though the weather was terrible (raining almost every day) and the internet almost non-existent, I loved being at home, I loved the fact that the sun rises early, the sound of Christmas karaoke at twelve in the afternoon, the adorable half-blind cat my family adopted, being able to speak Malay without trying to twist my tongue, the food, the company etc.

I rindu just thinking about home..good thing I’ve already started to save for Christmas 2020 so I can be prepared! Also gonna book my flight early this year and and think about my leave later lol. Let’s see how it goes.

Miscellaneous (RM191.95) + Clothes (RM176.08)

It’s the end of the year and all the banks have taken their annual fee from total annual fee was RM41. Other things I had to pay for was Indah Water, random household or stationery essentials that I can’t even remember. I thought that I could escape from shopping this month but I saw a lot on new years promotions and I couldn’t resist! I really bought something on 28 December. No self control at all…..

What did I purchase? A discounted adidas run belt (love this), a new bra (still prefer the H&M ones), a new dress (hated it) and mascara (also hated this).

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