Monthly Expenses Breakdown: November 2019

November flew by too fast for me. My brain just finished processing October when December started! Like hmm I need time to slow down can onot? Another month, another failure to spend RM3k or less. I honestly think I’m just meant to spend more on the second half of the year. With that said, I need to prepare myself for the second half of 2020. Get that auto savings strategy on for things I know I will spend on.

Did you notice something different in the expenses table above..? If you guessed food, then you guessed right..I freaking spent almost RM900 on food last month!! That’s almost 300-400 more than usual (no wonder I gained 2kg). Also, donations/gifts to family increased to RM1200..I know I am not supposed to complain but I am bleeding here. One solution is to double my earnings and that is hard so I am this close *holds fingers close together* to playing 4D for the first time. The stress is real.

Earlier this month I flew to Miri for my friend’s wedding. This contributed to one of the reasons why my food expenses were so high..because I ate out a lot. I wrote a post about the financial cost of being an out-of-state maid of honor so do check that out. I felt like November flew by so fast because I’ve been really really busy at my day job, with 11.11 and Christmas campaigns happening, and I’ve also been absolutely blessed with my freelance jobs. Most of my free time after working hours, during my lunchtime, and my time on the weekends have been spent on my side hustles. Blessed but I can’t deny I’m tired. I try to get as much sleep as I can but sometimes I had to continuously stay up late till 2-3am. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't sleep that late... What followed was weight gain, migraines and mood swings…

Thankfully it’s better now in December :)

One good news in November though - I DID NOT SPEND ANYTHING ON CLOTHES!! Yup, I didn’t shop any clothes during 11.11 OR Black Friday. Even I can’t believe it. I did, however, spend money on the Beauty category because I am vain and also because of the wedding. The only thing money that was spent on Black Friday was on food. You can watch my video here.

Next month will be my final monthly expenses breakdown for 2019. Then I can write about my whole personal finance expenses overview for 2019 and even do a 2018 vs 2019 comparison! This is something to look forward to because I’m still learning (I’m not a finance expert ok). Writing about my expenses for the past year has opened up my eyes about my own financial literacy as well as my good/bad habits. It also forced me to focus on my earnings and savings. I can’t wait to look at the big picture. You can read about my mid-year personal finance review here.

I will be going back home during Christmas week at the end of December. I’m eager because I’ve been feeling homesick lately. Unfortunately, I can only be back for a few days because I had to book the cheapest flights within my available time. Money has been tight, I’m just trying to save whatever I can.


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