The Financial Cost of Being a Maid of Honor

Today I want to talk about my experience as an out-of-state maid of honor to my friend’s wedding. In this post, I will be focusing mostly on the financial side of things. First, I want to say that I am thankful for this experience because it’s not always that one gets to be so closely involved. However, it does take a lot of work and I am glad to say that part is over :p

This was my first time being a maid of honor.. Throughout most of 2019, I did the budget expenses excel and also on the rooming list for guests who were staying at the hotel under the bride and grooms tab. As an overview (so that it is easier for you to digest this blogpost), I flew to Miri for the bachelorette party and also photoshoot in October and then flew there again in November for the actual wedding.

So basically, my expenses were mostly focused the bachelorette/photoshoot event and the wedding day itself. Here it what it looks like:

A grand total of RM1,596.07 spent. How did I fare? I don't know what is the usual amount bridesmaids or maid of honor usually spends. As someone who is out-of-state, I think this is about the normal amount. I know that its different for everyone because not all weddings are the same and not all brides are all the same ;)

Obviously, the most expensive expenses were the flights, since I had to fly to Miri twice. It literally burned a hole through my pocket (it’s almost half of all the expenses). I wish I can teleport..wouldn’t that make everything easier?

The next expensive category was clothes. Even though the maid of honor dress for the church was FOC, but the dress and heels for photoshoot/bachelorette as well as reception dress amounted to RM349 altogether. Now, the theme of the reception was black and gold and I did not own a black dress so I think I did a pretty good job of scoring a bomb black dress for RM54. No regrets there..I can use this dress in the future, provided that I still stay the same size lol. Moving on to the dress for photoshoot/bachelorette, everyone had to wear the same dark green dress so I had to pay the same amount as everyone else...The bride also requested for us to wear black covered heels so since I didn’t OWN one, I had to BUY one. But I thought that if I bought an “expensive one” (meaning more than RM150) then I could wear it in the future. Unfortunately, it STILL didn’t suit me so I’m planning to sell that! Uncomfortable shoes are the worst and I’ve learned my lesson years ago.

Now that I think about it, I had to wear covered black heels for my graduation last year too. And I bought new ones..I still remember it was black covered 2 inch heels. And yup, sold that too. SIGH. I can’t keep buying black covered heels every time someone or some function asks me to wear one and end up selling it. But I can’t find ones that are comfortable enough for my feet! I won’t settle.

The third highest expenses were hotels. Had already expected this expense, not much to talk about here. Moving on..I think the most unnecessary thing that I spent was for the hair and nails at RM164 for both events. It was unnecessary but a nice thing for myself. Enjoy first then complain about spending later lol

I'm not going to go into the other expenses for the bachelorette party itself etc because it is part of the celebration and I am happy to contribute together with everyone. So that’s about it. I hope that you enjoy reading about my little insight on my financial experience as an out-of-state maid of honor. It was definitely an experience and I’ve even met new people along the way, on top of spending time with my close friends. Sorry if I didn’t share any photos other than myself hehe