Monthly Expenses Breakdown: October 2019

I had two big ‘events’ in October which caused me to spend a lot - my birthday and my friend’s bachelorette party.

Birthday 2019

Another year, another birthday. Click here to read my birthday thoughts.

For my birthday, I gifted myself a facial that cost RM210 (Beauty expenses). I’ve always had nice skin but now I can finally see how ageing takes a toll *cries*. I’ve recently started to feel insecure about how dry and dehydrated my skin is so I’ve been wearing a lot of masks lately (my ‘pharmacy’ expenses were mostly eye masks lol) and that’s why I caved and decided to go for a facial. I think my skin feels better now but I don’t know how long it will last. Is it worth spending RM210 for a temporary fix? Celebrities are millionaires and it doesn’t look like they’ve cracked the code in looking younger. I don’t know if I want to do more facials in the future because those extractions were painful.

The other RM332.42 that was spent on the Beauty category was on a manicure, wash and blow at the saloon for both ‘events’ and also to replenish my makeup that was finished (eyeliner, eyelash glue and lipstick). If you notice, I also spent a lot on clothes and half of it was for me and another half was for the bachelorette. For myself, I bought a backless top from Pomelo for RM39.50 (after a HUGE discount!), a black blazer for RM158 from H&M and also Zara Earrings for RM80. I’ve been wearing the earrings non-stop so I totally have no regrets on that. Not too sure about the blazer though..I actually saw it first in Zara and they were gorgeous but RM400. Obviously I didn’t get it but then I stumbled upon the dupe in H&M for RM158 and there you go.

Think I look naturally cute? Lol think again. It all costs money. And I completely indulged myself in my birthday month.

Anyway, my birthday was spent near the beach. I also got to release baby turtles to the ocean through the Rimbun Dahan Turtle Hatchery. It was an amazing experience, even though it took less than 5 minutes.

Bachelorette in Miri

Finally, the time has come for the bachelorette party (and also photoshoot) in Miri. Not my bachelorette, but my friends. I had to get a dark green bachelorette dress and black covered heels for this. Total RM299 spent on clothes for this. Add in RM30 for manicure and RM93 for wash and blow hair to be photoshoot ready.

I also had to book a room, get deco for the party and contribute to cake expenses. More on this on my upcoming blog. Anyway, here is a Youtube video of both my birthday days and bachelorette celebration:


I just wanted to add that my license expired during my birthday this year so I had to fork out money for my license renewal (I parked it under miscellaneous category). I renewed it at Pos Malaysia and they told me that I was eligible to renew for 6 years so I just took the maximum. It cost RM30 per year plus they also had RM2 commission or something so my bill for this was RM182. *sigh*

On top of that, the reason why my transportation was really high this month was because I still had to purchase one more ticket to Miri again for my friend's actual wedding, on top of my usual petrol spending. I also spent some money on Grab because I had work in KL and I didn't want to drive since it was dark. I don't trust my eyesight.

It’s Time For a Change

My expenses have skyrocketed these past few months. I keep saying that I want to reduce it, but fail to do so until now :(

The main reason is because I have more responsibilities now, having to give back every month to my family. This is something that is out of my control. Another reason is because I let my wants overcome me and also because of the wedding (again - blog post coming soon).

Next year, I want to be mindful about my clothes and beauty spending. Instead of Zara and Zalora, I wanna try shopping at Jalan-Jalan Japan. Next year is also my year to be a hermit. I want to give extra focus on my work so that I can catch up on my goals.

PS: Sorry for the late posting. Things have been hectic! I will explain in my next expenses post. Till then.

PPS: I have another 2 Youtube video in October: Making Sambal & Healthy Malaysian Food and also Vlog: Shaun Teo Creative Studio


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