Happy Birthday to Me: 27 Things From My Head

Forgive me for the late post, my birthday was actually last month and I turned sweet 27 (still sweet or no? lol). I spent my birthday near and on the beach. It was lovely.

10 years ago, I graduated from high school and since then life has been flying by. One moment I was this high school kid doing nothing and being miserable, then I’m this student with a part time job living in a house with all my friends, the next I’m this working woman. During this time, I failed and achieved, I fell in love and out of love, got sick, got healthy, got broke, got (kinda) financially stable.

Here are some things I learnt about myself plus my thoughts and feelings about things:

1. Being constantly stressed is not worth sacrificing my health.

2. Screw all diets. What they say is true - eat more fruits and vegetables.

3. Which brings me to my next point - eat less meat, dairy, less junk food and don’t always eat outside food.

4. I hated gym and I still do. But I found out that I have a love for walking and hiking and I try to do this at least once a week. I’m still not bored of it *yay*

5. Having great skin now doesn’t mean that I will have great skin in the future. Can’t believe I have to *actually* take care of my skin now.

6. It’s okay to break up with someone when you both want different things. Even if you still like them a lot a lot a lot.

7. When I was a teenager, I always thought that 28 was THE age to get married and settle down with kids and whatnot. But the time is almost here and marriage still seems like a faraway concept to me lol. I’m content where I am right now. Maybe I will change my mind in the future..I don’t know.

8. Don’t be dehydrated. Once, my doctor took a look at my blood test and told me I was dehydrated. Did you know that dehydration can cause migraine / headaches? I get this a lot.

9. I enjoy travelling but I’m not obsessed about it.

10. Most of you know I love cats. I’ve always wanted a pet but I’m not ready for the lifelong commitment just yet. Who knows where I will go next. Will I stay in KL? Or go back to KK? Move to a new country? For now, I found the perfect balance for me with pet sitting.

11. I’m not ready to give up my current living place even though I feel it’s too big for me. I also feel like I can (and should) save money by moving to a smaller place. But then again I really do love my place because it’s safe, convenient and the rent is actually good.

12. Instincts are weird. I’ve met strangers I instantly trust and also strangers that make me want to get the hell away from them. All I can say is that my instincts have always kept me safe.

13. Buying a menstrual cup and reusable cloth pads are a life changer - for my health, the environment and also my wallet. I don’t mind saving almost RM400 per year.

14. I’m satisfied with my earning power but I know nothing lasts forever so I am trying my best to prepare for the worst.

15. The book - The Power of Habit, changed my life. I encourage everyone to read it. We all are creatures of habit, but we are not always aware of it. This book can be an eye opener.

16. Tracking my expenses 3 years ago was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m aware of where my money goes and it’s one of the reasons why I can actually save money now. I've only started doing my monthly expenses blog this 2019 though, have a look if you haven't already :)

17. Since then, I’ve graduated to tracking my income and also my savings. I freaking have income and savings goal now!! I wish I can talk more about this part of personal finance but I’m not an anonymous page so....

18. People we love will annoy us - our family and our friends. It’s not always 50/50..I realize that sometimes I have to be the one to make the extra effort, even if I'm not exactly happy about having to do that.

19. Things I worry about - my terrible eyesight and how to secure a comfortable life when I am old and frail without relying too much on other people.

20. Nobody likes negativity. I can be negative at times too but there is a limit. I don't mind to listen. But I make it a point to remove myself from any negative situation or distance myself from people who are constantly negative and do not want to improve.

21. When I’m having a terribly bad day, I donate or help out someone in need. As terrible as my day is, at least I can make someone else’s better.

22. Sometimes I say things I don’t mean and by the time I want to take it back, my ego won’t let me. Too much regret..I’m still working on this.

23. Social media has been a part of my life since I was a teenager. I can’t believe that it's now a source of income. There are pros and cons to this.

24. Two friends can go through a different phase in life and it can cause the friendship to change over time. It might not be what it used to be anymore. Embrace the change and just catch up once in a while.

25. Staying focused on my one goal really helped me to achieve it. For example, my goal during uni was to graduate first class to get exempted from PTPTN repayment. And I did it..my hardwork and patience paid off.

26. Learning how to stay calm and non-reactive is important. Especially when I feel like being The Hulk to people who piss me off. Take a deep breath, and exhale slowly...

27. I believe the older we get, the harder life becomes. Nobody can escape this, we just have to try our best in life.