Monthly Expenses Breakdown: September 2019

The Grand Total for September’s personal expense may be lesser than the previous two months, but my business expense hit well over a thousand thanks to having to renew my website subscription. I’m totally not happy about it because I paid for the full amount and cannot find ANYWHERE to put in the 20% promo code I found.

Can you imagine the happiness of finally getting paid for your freelance work, and then the money disappearing right after? I couldn’t figure out how to turn off Wix's auto renewal so I simply emptied out the bank account linked to Wix..but when my payment came in, it was immediately deducted! I only have myself to blame for not looking for a new host sooner. It’s my fault for procrastinating on this...

Anyway, moving on..I just want to highlight that I am now able to save RM15 on transportation each month using a new app that I just discovered but it will be for another post. Also, I've recently subscribed to Amazon Prime Video for only RM12+ for the first 6 months (which I've parked under fixed expenses for now). It's like Netflix but they also have their own original series and a number of shows that are not available on Netflix like The Nanny, The Office, Seinfeld..etc I can't decide which to keep now.

I’ve been feeling all sorts of stressed and negative these past few months. At least previously I was able to release my stress by going for a walk in the park on the weekends but last month we were hit by the haze situation so I had to stop going to the park (no point risking getting sick from the haze). And because I couldn’t go to the park, I resorted to shopping and food to deal with my stress.

*Before I continue: If you are new, you can view my fixed expenses here (the amount in this post does not include Amazon Prime video) so there is a difference.

On Clothes (RM356.50)

Before this month, I’ve only used Zalora once to buy a dress. But seems like most of my shopping recently is on there! They make it easy for you to purchase the clothes, along with discounts after discounts and the most important part was how easy it was to return the clothes and get refunded!

Here is a bag that I bought from Zalora. The brand of this bag is Topshop but I was able to get a good price on it on Zalora’s 9.9 sale. Been looking at it for 3 months but purchasing it made me so happy..I’ve also been obsessed with these scarf hair tie. OMG please take shopping away from me..I don't know any other way to deal with stress.

Scarf hair tie. The white turtleneck I bought last month made an appearance.

On Food (RM622.50)

I’ve also been eating lots of food lately (and even gained 1kg from it...tis life). From family mart food, to lots and lots of pastries and even pizza from 10 gram.

Shopping for baked goods at Lavender Bakery and Hogan Bakery

Eating Family Mart Food

On Donation (RM1106.45)

Again, sending RM1k back home and the balance amount came from buying gifts for friends & family celebration.

I can't really control this section..I just wish I was a millionaire.

Entertainment (RM10)

I found about this Floria Putrajaya event from one of my friends on Instagram. Apparently it’s a once a year kind of thing so I just decided to have a visit. It was quite popular because there were a LOT of cars parked outside and we had to park far away because of it.

They had really pretty backdrops like this. But since I went there on the last day, most of the flowers looked really sad.

I'm always negative in my's full of worry for the future but I try to always reflect on things. I'm grateful I have a roof over my head, being able to choose quality food to eat, jobs that I love, being able to give back to my family and still be able to do a little bit of shopping...sometimes I forget but writing this monthly blog helps me to remember this. There are many things that I can't control, but what I can control is how I react to things, how I improve myself, and how hard I work. And I also hope that this is true for my readers as well.

Grateful to cat sit all these babies in September *heart*


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