Monthly Expenses Breakdown: August 2019

I literally cannot wait until my expenses go back to less than RM3K a month.

This August was a little better than the previous month, but at RM5,255.59 it was still quite high. This month I let my emotions get the better of me and the result of that was impulse shopping. I bought a bunch of clothes – some I loved and some I wish I put a little more thought into.

I felt stressed because even though I am working really hard, it feels like it’s for nothing. I have a huge urge to be a potato now. The car still had problems earlier this month and I don’t know if the people at the workshop was cheating me or what..I still had to leave my car with them and I STILL had to rent Socar for a few days (which was costing me money). On top of that, I kept finding white hairs on my head, which makes me think about how I am going to have to spend even more money trying to cover it up in the future. I am vain like that because I don’t want to look like an old lady just yet!! And I hate that it’s the guys that always says “It’s ok, I got white hair too” because it’s not the same. People don’t care if guys have white hair so their opinion is literally useless.

Anyway, I'll try not too focus on the negative. One of the highlight of my month was that I’ve finally hit one of my goals!! My Youtube Channel has finally reached 1000 subscribers. I’ve been working on this for more than a year now and I’m happy about this achievement. I can finally start to monetise..My hard work is finally starting to bear some fruit. I will be writing about my Youtube 1000 subscribers journey in a separate post in the hopes that it might help someone out there.

I also collaborated with Touch 'n Go eWallet, you can read my post about the money-back guarantee policy here.

On Fixed Expenses & Utilities – RM1477.16 & RM188.80

You can read about my fixed expenses here.

Utilities [RM188.80]– It’s the highest bill that I’ve received this year..I'm surprised. I’m not too sure why was it so high last month..I do leave one fan on in the bedroom while I am at work for the cats (because they need ventilation) but I’ve done that before for a month and my utilities wasn’t as high as this. Maybe I’ve been using too much air-conditioning… everyday is a hot day.

More Problems with Car Engine

Miscellaneous: Fix Car [RM260.00] – I spent so much money to fix my car engine last month and I found out that I still had engine problems. The warranty that I had was also useless because this time the problem was on the ‘top’ part of the engine and isn’t covered by the warranty because it was only for the ‘bottom’ part. Why didn’t they check the whole thing in the first place???? I wasted so much time and money on Socar because I had to keep the car in the workshop for a few days and they couldn’t even do a proper job. Also paid for RM70+ wipers because it was the "only brand that they had left". And then after sending my car to them – my car air-conditioning and left signal light suddenly doesn’t work anymore WTF HAHA. I am so disappointed in the service. This is a workshop in Dengkil / Cyber Valley. If you want to know which workshop this is, you can ask in the comments section below.

Transportation: Socar [RM161.33] – I had to rent Socar to work for 2 days since I had to send the car to the workshop (again). At two days, this amount was quite high because the Axia was fully booked by other people so I had to settle for Myvi, which cost higher. Take note that this amount is after I used my RM45 voucher for each day.

Transportation: Petrol [RM137.63] – Petrol was back to usual amount. If I didn’t have any problems with the car, this is the only amount that I would spend for my transportation each month.

Giving Back – RM1,500.00

Had to send some money back home at the beginning of the month. At times like this, I wish I was a millionaire.

Spending More Money on Food – RM539.46

I spent about RM539+ on food so I think it’s an okay number. My goal for next month would be to reduce it to RM400+. Remember when I said I had food poisoning last month? Well, I had it again this month..I’m so annoyed. I think my tummy is weak because it is so used to clean homecooked food. I try not to eat so much outside food now except for places that I am used to.

At one point my weight was 49kg++ and it honestly feels so surreal. I remember that I used to PRAY for my weight to be 54kg (it was my dream weight then). But the world is a mystery because it seems like my weight only goes down when I don’t obsess about it.


Hope you enjoyed my blog post this month! Like I said, I can't wait till my expenses reach less than 3k.

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