Monthly Expenses Breakdown: July 2019

What a month…

Financially, the month of July started out amazing. I finally got paid for some of my freelance jobs and I was on my way to saving almost half of my earnings. I also finally made a purchase of my new camera - the DJI Osmo Pocket (if you didn’t know, I saved for this camera a few months ago but decided against buying it because I thought I didn’t need it. In the end, I changed my mind and here I am lol). Unfortunately, life had other plans for me because after I purchased my camera, things started to go downhill from there.

There was a lot of unexpected expenses, from my car having a leaky engine which resulted in it not being able to start, renting a Socar for 4 days while my car is in the workshop and sending more money back home than I am capable of (I had to dig in my emergency savings for this). I even felt bad for buying the camera earlier in the month even though I loved it and already saved up for it. As you can see from the table, here are the 3 categories with the top expenditures:

Miscellaneous - RM3,255.77

Transportation - RM926.58

Donation - RM850.00

What does Miscellaneous consist of this month?

First of all, RM1200 to fix my car engine. Even though I got the cheapest car imaginable, whereby the whole point is to not spend so much money on cars and transportation, turns out that fixing the engine is not cheap. SIGH. I expected to happen at least 1 year after..not 4 months after! I don’t know what is wrong with it, maybe it is too old or maybe I hit a rock that caused the leak. Either way, if a small car like this already costs that much, I shudder to think what fixing ‘better’ cars cost. Can anyone share this with me? Tell me what car you drive and if you’ve ever fixed any problems and how much it cost. I’m curious.

Secondly, RM1641 was spent on my DJI Osmo Pocket + it’s 64GB Micro SD Card. Granted, I already saved for this way before I bought it. I wrote a whole blog post and also made a Youtube video, you can read about it and watch the video if you click here.

The balance RM414.77 was spent on random things such as for an IKEA rug, IKEA snacks, Daiso stuff, pet medicine, bachelorette party accessories and finally accidentally topping up RM80 for the Neuron scooter app when I wanted to only top up RM40 (which was the minimum btw).

I spent almost RM1k on Transportation

Petrol [RM174.41] - Petrol is higher than usual this month. Probably because I went out more..I’m not sure. If this reaches RM200 one day, then I will make an effort to track it properly.

Grab [RM145.00] - There are still some places where I am too anxious to drive. Grab is the only option for me.

Socar [RM310.00] - Since my car went to the workshop for 4 days, I had to book Socar. I booked Axia for 2 days and Myvi for the other 2 days (because the Axia wasn’t available during those dates). Although it is expensive, since I am only using it to drive to and from work, I am grateful to all my Youtube viewers who used my Socar code, which allowed me to redeem 4 x RM45 discounts. I managed to save RM180. Thank you thank you!

Flights [RM297.07] - This is for one of my return flight to Sarawak. I will be a maid of honour for my friends wedding and I will have to fly there twice so since buying 2 return flights is expensive (one is for a photoshoot/bridal shower and another return flight is for the actual wedding), I only buy it when I have extra cash to spare. I won’t be talking much about it now as I will create a separate blog post for being a maid of honour once this is all over and done with.

Giving Back RM850

Had to send some money back home (and more after a few days after but it will be included in Aug expenses instead). Hmm sometimes I feel bad for not being able to give more. It's hard having to balance giving back now and saving in order for it to grow faster. Finding the balance is something that I’m still trying to figure out.

Spending More Money on Food

Recently, I’ve noticed that I’ve been eating more ‘junk food’ than usual. I want to go back to my routine of eating more fruits and vegetables. These junk food like eating too much processed food and eating more meat than usual is making my body feel shitty. Not to mention, I recently got food poisoning which resulted in (pardon my french) watery poop for a week. My stomach became really sensitive and as a result I didn’t really have an appetite, and the only time when I wanted to eat was to eat ‘junk food’. It was a mean cycle and I’m currently at my lowest weight. I know I’m not healthy..I’m trying to eat more nutritious food.

Keep in mind that I am able to spend this much because I had to dig into my savings, which I had prepared for times like these. It’s basically zero now and I have to start saving my emergency money from scratch now. I also won't be able to keep any savings for these two months and it makes me feel demotivated. I need to tell myself that I should be grateful and that this shall pass.

Things I Am Grateful For

I'm always grateful to have a roof over my head, food in my belly and a job I love to do. I'm also grateful for my family and the people I keep close to my life.

I’ve had Max & Leon (these two British Shorthair cats) stay with me for the whole month. Even though they can be extremely naughty at times, but I grew to love them and I am grateful I met them. Max broke his leg a few days before their stay so I had to be extra attentive..I am glad he is well now. Watch the video of me bringing him to the vet here.

Grateful that my Youtube channel is picking up. It used to take me a few months to even get 100 subscribers but now I get the very same amount in a month. I will write a blog post once I’ve reached 1000 Youtube subscribers.

Been receiving more freelance work lately. I'm willing to come back from my day job to work from this and sleep at 1am everyday (even on weekends) just to keep up. I'm trying to think of a way to delegate my tasks while remaining productive.

I am grateful that even though I have been eating more 'junk food', but I've also started to be a little bit more active. I go for regular walks and even tried wall climbing the other day!

Hope you enjoyed my blog post this month!

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