DJI Osmo Pocket Review & Thoughts 📸 👀

A few months ago I decided that I wanted a new camera, because I found out about this amazing little camera with a gimbal called the DJI Osmo Pocket. Those who have been following know that I used to save for it in a little red box that I DIYed and stuck on my fridge. At this point, I have been creating weekly vlogs for almost half a year and I identified a few things about vlogging that annoyed me (as I was using the ever popular Canon G7x Mark ii). For example:

  • Feeling insecure when I vlog in public

  • Not being able to fit all my things PLUS the camera in my little bag

  • Shaky videos when I'm out or doing outdoor quality (no stabilization)

  • Having to bring a tripod everywhere

Camera: DJI Osmo Pocket

Price: RM1,550 (Camera without micro SD card)

Where I Got It: All IT Hypermarket, IOI City Mall

Here are my thoughts about the camera after using it for almost a month:

First, I love how my videos, especially the walking ones, aren't shaky anymore!! Because of the gimbal, it moves really smooth, even when I'm not focusing on the camera. Secondly, I like how the bottom part of the camera acts as a holder but also as a mini tripod. If I am in the car and talking to the camera, I can just let it stand on the dashboard and do my thing. Of course, it won't be stable once the car starts moving. You probably need to put it in a secure place, if you want to film yourself driving. Sometimes I put the camera on the ground to create shots as well, oh its so perfect. But that's not all...the camera actually has a facial recognition feature and the camera can actually follow your face around so for example, if I am moving to the left, the camera will move along with me. Isn't that amazing? I can create make up vlogs, car vlogs or even eating vlogs better. I can also create slo-mo videos..which looks AMAZING. I haven't tried the other features like Pano shots though.

Not to mention that I now can take my vlogs outside without looking too obvious.. people don't stare at me as much anymore..which I love! And now I can also fit all my things in my little bag. The only downside of this camera I would say is that it doesn't do well in low light as it could result in photos and videos with too much noise. Nobody wants that. But I guess nothing can be perfect. I am simply grateful for all the other features. I hope I can create better vlogs now that I have this DJI Osmo Pocket on top of my Canon G7x.

Do watch DJI Osmo Pocket video, its where I show my unboxing, show you guys how to operate the camera and finally a vlog of my weekend with the camera. Hope you enjoy!