One Way to Add Nutrition to Your Pet's Diet

Pet owners generally treat their pets like their own children. They want to give their fur babies the best toys, the best environment and of course..the best food. Most owners will choose food and treats that are simple, wholesome, pure and natural. Now, I may not be a pet owner, but I treat cats that I sit for with the same amount of love and care. I do believe that we should feed our pets with the best food available so that they can be healthy and continue to be with us in the years to come.

Last month, I received a few Epic Treats from a friend of mine. Epic Treats has treats for both cats and dogs but she knows that I take care of cats so she asked if I could let them try some of the floss treats. The treats are made from 100% real meat which are also locally sourced and since it is natural, the meat makes it easier for your pets to absorb the nutrients.

The pet floss comes in a powder kind of form and its really easy to mix together with either their usual dry food or wet food. The cats that I am caring for prefers the tuna floss to be mixed to their wet food instead of their dry food but every cat is different so feel free to experiment! This is just one way to add a little bit of nutrition to the cat's diet.

Here are the key features of Epic Treats:

80% Protein Digestibility

A high percentage of the protein ingested is absorbed and goes to the muscles, organs, and overall body functions.

Support Digestive Health

Good enzymes added during the innovative fermentation process to improve your pet’s digestive health.

Rich in Nutrients

The nutrient-rich kibbles provide protein, calcium, and omega 3 & 6 for a healthier pet with every bite.

Reduce Food Wastage

Epic Treats plays a part in reducing food wastage by buying the offcuts from responsible meat processing facilities and turning them into high-quality foods for pets. Fresh meat offcuts are basically meat parts that humans don’t fancy as much but pets absolutely love them. They have the same nutrients but usually get thrown away. So kudos to them for being responsible!

Feeding Recommendation

Amount Per Day

Epic Treats recommends you to give your cat 4-5 kibbles per serving as treats or training aid. However, feel free to give a couple more if your cat is purring for extras! For the pet floss, you can mix it together with the dry food or wet food to to act as added nutirtion.

Keep ‘em Fresh!

Once a packet of Epic Treats is opened, store in the refrigerator to preserve freshness. You know the treat is fresh when it has to be refrigerated.

Check out their website to see all the flavours at or purchase now on Shopee