Monthly Expenses Breakdown: June 2019

Remember when I bragged about reducing my expenses down to less than RM3k last month? It didn't last long. I ended up spending MORE in June, it's now my highest recorded expenses in 2019. This month, a lot of money was spent on Food and Beauty..So much for being smart with my money lol

To be honest the Maybank Flexi Saver Plan that I created last year as an experiment was maturing in July so thats why I felt like I could spend a little extra on my wants. 12 months of saving and I finished it all. Well done, Marion. My side jobs are also doing well and it keeps me busy from overthinking things. Strangely this month, I had some people asking me if I was interested in working in their company. I look unemployed? Haha. I'm flattered and appreciate the offer but currently, I am content at doing what I do.

Highlights of this month:

  • Attended my first Google Masterclass. All these while I have been taking just normal online courses, so its a new experience for me. Although, it did feel kind of like a high end sales pitch -- a very interactive one at that.

  • Took care of Cookie the cat again for a month. She is a joy to be around!

  • Went out for weekly walks. I really miss the Penang hikes. I don't want to run or jog. I just want to take a walk, sweat a little and enjoy nature. These weekly walks did me good this month, I somehow felt more relaxed.

  • Met some Youtubers and they were really nice and hardworking. It's weird..this time I am the one managing a campaign instead of the other way around. Life is funny. I'll gift them something in the next meeting.

  • Donated some books and got into reading again after I went through my books.

Pic at Taman Saujana Hijau, Putrajaya

On Fixed Expenses and Utilities

As usual, click here if you want to read about my monthly fixed expenses. The only thing that I want to mention in this part is that at RM168.10, my utility bills are soooooo high. The highest this year. All I can think about was how close that number was to RM200. But then again, I understand why its so's because I kept both fans on for the cat at all times.

On Transportation

My transportation cost have been low after I got my little car. But the reason why the amount increased this month was because I bought a flight to Miri for my friends wedding. Still got 3 more tickets to buy but I will do that slowly.

Foodie Thoughts

A majority of my food spending went towards groceries (especially for meal prep for work). I actually did a video on Office Lunch or What I Ate at Work so if you haven't checked that out, please do so. I guess, I just ate more of those kind of expensive ingredients this month so thats why the grocery bill is so high. I remember eating lots of mango, making quesadilla for the first time, eating cherries and eating more avocados than usual etc. Once in a while I will try out new things at new places, such as the marshmallow crepe that I tried out at Illusion, which is featured in the video above.

I had mine with hot Early Grey tea..TASTE SO GOOD. I want it again.

On Beauty

I spent zero on clothes but more than RM600 on Beauty in June!! Half of the expenses (RM300) was actually a payment for my eyelash extension package. Another RM190 was for a hair treatment because my dry hair had been bothering me for quite some time. I did the treatment earlier in the month and all I can say was that I was much more positive the weeks following the treatment compared to before. I even considered doing a hair treatment every month. But we shall see how it goes. Anyway, the rest of my Beauty money was spent on skincare. I bought some secondhand but never used Dr Jart and Caudalie stuff from someone on Carousell and I loved it a lot! I definitely managed to save some money compared to if I were to buy it in Sephora itself.

On Others

There is nothing special about the other categories. I just donated some money, paid for poslaju, paid for a movie, bought some random stuff for a video from MR.DIY and also bought pet litter.

To conclude this month, the excessive food and beauty wants caused a little hiccup to me but its okay.

While I was waiting for Google Masterclass to start, I read a newspaper and came across this quote "Develop positive attitudes. It is your attitude, not your aptitude, that will determine your altitude. If you think you can, you indeed can.". This advise was actually meant for students entering working life, but I think it applies for everything.

Hope you enjoyed my blog post this month!

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