Monthly Expenses Breakdown: May 2019

Did you see how much was my Grand Total?? RM2.6k!! This is the first month in 2019 that I finally managed to reduce my expenses to less than RM3k. The lifestyle creep is real..the older I get, the more money I spend. I much do people with kids spend monthly on average?

Trying to do the heart fingers but it somehow looks like I'm doing the middle finger

Anyway, May was an exciting month for me..while everyone was getting excited about Kamaatan and Ramadan season, I started a new job! I absolutely love it because I am doing exactly what I want to do and there is an opportunity for self development. The best part about it is that there is a work life balance, which makes it easier for me to balance not only pet-sitting, but also my other freelance job. This month I got to pet sit my DREAM CAT, not one but two grey British Shorthair cats. I'm obsessed. They've gone back to their owner now and I miss them already.

Since I’ve got the car, I'm glad to see that I’ve been spending less on transportation as compared to when I was using just Grab. I mean, I will still use Grab to unfamiliar places, because driving anxiety is real most of the time the only purpose of the car is for me to drive to work. My total for this month for petrol and Grab? RM175.50. Yassss, my petrol only cost like RM40 or LESS each week.

On Bills

Both my fixed expenses and Maxis bills were the same as usual so nothing much to report about that. I wrote a whole post on my fixed expenses in this post. My utility bill is still on the high side, I guess it’s because I’ve been using the air conditioning and because I tend to leave the fan on at all times for any cats that stay with me.

Food is Life

At my new job, I actually bring my own lunch to the office. I would join my other colleagues out for lunch just once in a week so I didn't spend a lot on eating out this month. I also meal prepped my dinners on the weekend so I didn't need to prepare dinners on the weekdays. The only time I ate out was on the weekends, like when I went out to buy food from the Ramadan Bazaar (you can watch my vlog) or when I had cravings like when I heard about KFC's 20 for RM15 nuggets promo and went straight there after work. To be honest, I hoped that my food expenses would reduce this month but there isn’t that much changes from before.

Either I eat a lot or I have expensive food tastes. The later is more likely. I don't think I'll ever reach my goal of spending only RM300 per month on food. I know its possible but I don't want to. I don't want to sacrifice my RM6 avocados.

KFC and the cat I'm pet sitting this month

On Clothes & Beauty (RM50+RM116)

One of my biggest achievements this month was reducing my spending on the clothes and beauty category. If you recall from last month's breakdown post, I spent RM528.12 on clothes and RM75 on beauty last month. I don’t regret buying the clothes at all because I got a good wear out of them in May. This time I only bought a pario skirt for RM50 (to support a friend’s business), a secondhand Fresh facial cleanser from Carousell for RM60 (including postage) and also a hair wash at the saloon (because I am vain like that and because their head massage was too good to pass up).

Unfortunately, my expenses for this will increase in June because I just got my lashes done lol

Donation & Miscellaneous

The RM50 donation was condolences money that I contributed for someone. And the Miscellaneous expenses were for random things that I bought like a mousepad and iPhone cable for the office as well as random Daiso items which I cannot even remember.


To conclude this month, it was all about being in a new environment and consciously trying to reduce my expenses. I just hope that the coming months would be similar to this! My goal of increasing my income and reducing my expenses at the same time is slowly becoming a reality now and I want to keep it that way until I can at least be the owner of my own home..preferably without any 30 year loans. Is that possible? I hope so.

Stay tuned for next month! I will not only be updating my June monthly expenses, but also another post on mid-year evaluation of my expenses. I'm excited to write about that and learn about what I discover about myself and how I can do better.

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