Monthly Expenses Breakdown: April 2019

If you didn't know already, I purchased a car in April.

As content as I was to use Grab, Public Transport or SOCAR, it wasn't convenient or financially smart for me in the long run. Since it was a big one-off purchase, I decided that I was going to write a separate post about my 'new' car instead of including it in my monthly breakdown. I still spent RM416.40 this month on other transportation stuff like Grab, petrol, public transport and SOCAR.

To new beginnings! I got a new job..because I wanted to save for my future house fund. And the best way to save is to earn more. I feel like I have two jobs now but it's okay, many people have two jobs...If they can do it, I can too. I work normal office hours, then I come back home to create content, edit videos, and reply messages. I also do it on weekends..but on weekends I get to nap hehe

I just hope I don't get any more white hair now than I already do. Because that shit makes me insecure.

On Bills

Both my fixed expenses and Maxis bills were the same last month so nothing much to report about that. Although, my utilities are still on the high side (like RM30+ more expensive than my usual amount). Even though I didn't use a lot of air conditioning this time for the cats, since the duration wasn't as long as Cookie, but I guess it was because last month was just a really hot month so I used more air conditioning than I normally would.

I also heard on a grapevine that Adobe is going to increase their fees soon so if this is true, then it is going to affect my fixed expenses in the future. I love Adobe and I've been a loyal user for more than 10 years now but they are really being shitty. I might need to search for other alternatives.

Took care of these two little bubs. You can watch my vlog here.

Food is Life

One thing that I am proud of this April was the fact that I reduced my food cost. I meal prepped a lot of chickpeas this month (including hummus!), eggs, porridge and kangkung. When I went to Penang for two nights, I ate hawker stall foods most of the time so it wasn't such a burden to the pocket. I also made Nasi Lemak for the first time.. I managed to make a few meals out of this too.

On Clothes & Beauty

I spent a lot of money on my fashion and beauty wants this month!! RM528.12 on clothes and RM75 for a haircut and hair wash. The only thing I regretted was the was terrible and I still can't believe I spent that much money on that. No regrets for the clothes though. I love it all! I got one cardigan, one white top for work, one burgundy pants for work, one white tank top, 2 plain white T's and one jean shorts.

Spring Summer collections are a weakness of mine. And to be fair, I had to buy work clothes and I also had to replace two 4 year old white tops that were getting too loose and yellow as well as a jean shorts that koyak for the 3rd time already (literally everyone complained about my shorts so I had to change it). So when I saw the perfect replacement, I had to get it.

Just my new tank top and shorts. Wore it on a hike! Love!

Donation & Miscellaneous

The RM100 donation was for my brothers, I just gave them RM50 each as a birthday present to buy them lunch. I do this every year. And the Miscellaneous expenses were for random things like printer cartilage, cat shampoo and tickets to enter Kellie's Castle.


To conclude this month, it's basically like the same amount as the last few months (except for the car purchase). I keep saying that I want to reduce my expenses but nothing is changing! I hope next month I can reduce on the Clothes & Beauty expenses. Till then.

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