I'm Down RM12.5k Because I Got a 'New' Car

I can’t believe I own a car now. I mean I had a car before, but that was in KK and my dad kindly bought it for me (I will always be grateful for that). But this time it’s MY car, and I feel like a proper adult.

I’ve always joked with my friends that once self-driving cars were cheap and available, then I would get my own car. I didn’t see the point of owning a car when Grab and public transport is easily available here. On top of that, I didn’t want to deal with the financial cost and the hassle of maintaining a car.

I also reluctantly admit that I have driving anxiety. Here is not the same as KK, the roads are bigger and the drivers are less friendly and I am paranoid that one day I'll end up in an accident *touch wood*. But life is full of surprises because it turns out that I won’t be able to book a Grab from my new workplace. The job was perfect for me, but the location not so much. However, I cannot let something like this stop me from growing. As scared as I was, I had to suck it up.

On Costs

2004 Kelisa: RM11,500

Touch & Go: RM50

Roadtax & Service Charge: RM815

Sunshade: RM50.64

Car Accessories: RM62

Car Wash: RM11

GRAND TOTAL: RM12,488.64

At first, I did consider just getting Grab to work everyday, even though it was really expensive. I would have to spend RM56 everyday to get to and come back from work. Thats RM56 x 20 days = RM1120 every month minimum. Yes - my driving anxiety was so terrible I considered that. The fact is -- getting a car was the cheaper option in the long run. And the fact that I really can't get Grab from my workplace because it wasn't available forced to take that option. I had to suck it up.

So I got a little 15 year old car and its all paid for. To me, it was 'cheap' enough and I didn't have to spend money on instalments every month for YEARS. I admit that actually seeing and sitting in the car made me a little excited, and I had a nice time getting the car new accessories and even a car wash. It's a secondhand car but it was new to me.

I have been practicing for awhile now and I am happy to say I'm not that scared anymore. It's just that I'm only going to use it to drive to work and around my area..that's it. No where else lol


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