Monthly Expenses Breakdown: March 2019

I got to experience some good karma this month thanks to my little donation at the end of March. At least..I like to think that I got some good karma out of it. I felt so down at the end of confidence got hit by a few blows and I felt down. Ever the multitasker, I was still able to mindlessly scroll on the phone while crying on my bed when I saw this article that prompted me to donate RM30 to help someone who was going through a tougher time.

Somehow, a few days after that, I kept getting good news (even unexpected ones). At the rate of all these good news I'm getting (job related), I was wondering what's happening??? Then I remembered about my donation. Is it karma or a coincidence?

Anyway, I had a good time earlier in March because my family and I went to Penang for a few days. We spent the whole time eating (I even tried the famous Ayer Itam Asam Laksa but unfortunately didn't like it because it was not 'asam' enough haha). I also managed to get back the money owed to me by everyone -- companies who owe me my pay and refunds from terrible service. I also got a chance to start a new part time pet sitting job..I don't do it for the money (it doesn't pay much), instead I do it because I want little furries near me.

If you don't know already, I have a separate post for my Fixed Expenses so you can read about my breakdown after clicking on this link.

On Bills..Utilities.. (RM295.35)

My Maxis bills were exactly the same as last month so nothing much to report about it. On Utilities, it was a whopping RM180.85 (OMGGG) because the cat from the pet sitting job needed to be in a cool environment so I turned on the air conditioning on one of the rooms, alternating between the two air-conditioner that I had. The funny thing is that the cat almost never sleeps in the room with the aircon, instead it keep stalking me and going into the room with no aircon (I don't like being in cold places).

On Transportation (RM355.20)

I spent RM327.20 on Grab and RM28.00 on Train this month. Recently, I've been seeing a lot of notifications about Grab's Subscription Plans. The Basic Plan is RM80.00 per month and it includes ride rewards and GrabFood delivery but the only thing i'm interested in is the ride rewards since I prefer to cook at home. The ride rewards total to RM90 worth of RM3 x 30 for rides anywhere in Malaysia but the thing is -- I use Grab 15 times or less in a month and if that's the case then I can only utilize at most RM45 worth of ride rewards since I can only use RM3 x 15. I also don't think I can use this reward on top of the reward that I exchange my points for (meaning: use two codes at once) so initially I thought that this plan was attractive but it's actually not.

On Food..Because YUM (RM564.13)

Out of the total, I spent RM215.10 on Eating Out and RM349.03 on Groceries. Most of my 'Eating Out' expenses consist of overpriced tea at the coffee shop as I feel more productive when I work there (and this month there was a lot of work) so overall, that expenses was reasonable. At home, I have been very obsessed with granola and I eat that with yogurt almost every morning. You can see me buy a few flavours in my video here. I'm glad that my granola obsession is almost over because that was expensive..each pack of RM20 granola only lasted me a week's worth of breakfast.

On Indulgences: Clothes, Beauty, Pharmacy and Miscellaneous (RM419.80)

Okay, I have to say after doing my expenses..I didn't realize that I had spent more than I want to on my wants this March. Remember my post last month when I said that I spent RM96 on two tops I will never get? Well, I liked the top so much that I bought it AGAIN (lol). This time I saw that it was for sale at Topshop Pavillion..they had only the nude one available so I only bought that. I'm very happy with it and I've been wearing it a lot! I also spent RM115.70 on the 'Beauty' category. Earlier this month when my family and I went to Penang , I did my nails at Gurney Plaza and when I landed at KLIA2, I bought some Family Mart Skincare while I was waiting for my Grab. I really love their Peeling Gel and I think it's good value for money. You can watch my Family Mart Skincare video on my Youtube Channel. I also did my nails at Shaftsbury Square after my Penang nails became ugly. Then I spent RM8.80 at the Pharmacy to buy nail polish remover two weeks later lol it's a chain of events

Let's move on to Miscellaneous: I also spent RM82.80 on MUJI foods just to make a video. Yes RM80+ for JUST all these food. Can you believe it? The only thing that I re-purchased was the Pasta Sauce was THAT delicious. Especially with bacon. Yum. I also bought some stuff from Taobao, the total cost was RM168.40 including shipping. You can watch my unboxing here.


This month was actually an overall positive month. I don't even know why I let a few things bring me down. I have so many things to be grateful for: I'm grateful that I finally have some furry friends over (even if it's just for a few days a month), I'm grateful that I received all the money that people owe me. I'm also very grateful that it was one of my best months on Youtube so far.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this month's post. Read my other monthly breakdown breakdowns here.