I Can't Believe I'm Getting Paid to Cuddle a Cat

I somehow got myself involved in the pet sitting business.

It started with missing having a pet cat around..I mean, I'm used to being alone by now but sometimes it makes me depressed to not have a little furry beside me. I liked having a companion that is just there..doing nothing but providing comfort and maybe a little entertainment. The thing is - I know in my heart that I cannot emotionally and financially make a commitment to a pet right now. I don't even know if I should stay here or go back to KK and I don't even know if I want to shell out a few hundred every month for food, cat litter, and pet boarding if I'm travelling back to KK.

So I decided that pet sitting (or pet boarding if we're technically speaking) other people's cats is the best alternative for me. When I advertised my services online, I had people tell me that I should just own a cat if I love them so much. I have my own way of doing things, and I don't have to explain it to people who aren't involved in my life. If they are curious, they can just read my blog. Anyway..after posting an Insta Story, someone actually recommended a great app for me to advertise my service and it's called PetBacker. Thanks Cheryl :)

Not only is it great for pet sitters to find jobs, but the app is also great for pet owners because you can find pet sitters to take care of your little pets when you travel or when you're busy. You can get an RM12 discount when you find pet sitters or pet walkers on PetBacker when you sign up with my code 'vl4iu'. I don't get any money if you use the code but I can get more credits which can get me more potential job notifications. You can just click the link below and sign up with your Facebook or Google.

Link: https://web.petbacker.com/signup/referral?code=vl4iu

Pets want love, attention, and have needs just like people. And I am more than happy to provide them with all the love, attention and anything else that they need. This month I earned almost RM200 from my first job. It's not much but I'm mainly doing this because I enjoy being around cats so much. I don't mind buying expensive RM3.70/can cat food for the little fur balls if they want it. I also don't mind letting them sleep in air-conditioned room if the owner requests for it. I give them my 100% attention.

I do think that this arrangement is the best for me and I honestly can't believe it. I'm literally being paid to do one of my favourite things in the world! I get to cuddle with a cat and at the same time, have some cash to put in my future-house-fund. The only drawback is that I think I am quite far away from many pet owners..I found that a lot of the jobs come from Sunway, Shah Alam or KL itself.

I'm lucky to have my first cat boarding job within a week after joining the app. The first cat that I had to pet sit is this Exotic British Shorthair named Cookie. It's not much different than taking care of a normal kampung cat, all I had to do was feed it, scoop up it's poop, and cuddle with it. But I have to say that this cat made it so easy for me to care for it..she's so gentle and intelligent. She rarely talks and she hardly scratches anything (except for my table mat that she had taken a liking to). Exotic British Shorthairs are also known to be curious, fun-loving and playful which I find very true after already pet sitting her for a week. She constantly follows me around.. if I'm in the bedroom, she follows me there. If I'm cooking in the kitchen, she observes me from the dinner table. If I'm watching TV, she's there right beside me.

This is what my normal day looks like as a pet sitter lol


I hope that my post is informational for you. If you love pets and are interested in doing pet sitting jobs, then you can try this. If you're an owner, this is something for you to consider if you don't have any pet hotels around you. Again, my link is below :)

Link: https://web.petbacker.com/signup/referral?code=vl4iu

(Update 2 April 2019: I have received payment for my service from Petbacker)


Once the owner got her cat back safely, I marked the job as 'Completed'. The pet owner then made the payment to the app, which will then be processed by the app. Btw, the app takes a certain percentage (20%) of the pay as their commission, which was already stated prior to the job confirmation, and I think it is fair considering how good the app is.

Take note that the payment will be processed within 2-7 working days. But if both pet owner and pet host gives a review to each other, the payment will be processed faster. In my case, Cookie's owner made payment on 30 March and by 2 April, the payment was in my Maybank already (it was a weekend but in total, it got processed in two working days).