Monthly Expenses Breakdown: February 2019

February was all about family and being sick for me. I flew back to KK so that we could surprise my dad for his birthday as a family. After that, towards the end of the month, I got sick..I didn't go to the doctor but I suspected that it was bronchitis. It lasted almost 2 weeks. Bleh. It was so hard to sleep.

One positive thing for me last month was that I managed to increase my Youtube watch hours by almost double!! People watched 573 HOURS of my content on Youtube last month and that makes me so happy because it is hard work to consistently produce videos every week. On another note, I had to put on my ah long hat last month because 3 separate parties owe me money and I'm not happy about that! Even after chasing them, I still haven't gotten anything. Sigh.

Let's start with the expenses shall we!

For fixed expenses, you can read a whole post about it here. I just wanted to add that for this month I got a RM65 rebate from Unifi as I used all of my points so my total was reduced to RM1383.22. Ahh..after almost two years of using the service, I got RM65 discount. I'm still thinking of changing to TIME though.

On Utilities (RM115.80) & Transportation (RM590.50)

My utilities was almost the same as last month..just about RM4 higher. Probably because I used a little more air-conditioning than usual since I got sick towards the end of the month. I love using the fan, especially for when I'm sleeping, but the heat was unbearable.

Transportation was on the high side this month as I bought return flights to KK to celebrate my father's birthday. Total cost of my flights cost RM394. On the bright side, I spent less than RM200 on Grab which was a bonus. I didn't have to attend any events hehe

On Food..Because YUM (RM572.50)

Out of the total, I spent RM353.95 on groceries and RM218.55 on eating out. I've been doing a lot of food-related Youtube videos lately so that's why I have been spending a lot on groceries. The particular cookbook I'm trying out is American where most of the recipes rely on meat, cheese and imported fruits..which are expensive.

One example: Blueberry Cream Cheese Pancakes

You know it's expensive even by looking at the title of the recipe. But I'm trying something new and it's also for my content so I am okay with that since it is still within the Belanjawanku budget to food too lol. I will try to reduce the food expenses for March..maybe lower it down to RM470.

On Wants and Needs (RM96 -- Clothes)

I just wasted RM96 on two tops that I will never get. SIGH. All because I wanted a discount. Storytime below:

I was browsing through Topshop and found this top as pictured. It was PERFECT for me and they came in white and nude colours (among others). I wanted to buy both.

After checking online, I saw someone with a 15% off discount code for Topshop. The catch was -- it can only be used on the US website and not the Malaysian website (go figure). I knew about a company that had a warehouse in the US that was able to ship my stuff to Malaysia at 15 credits per pound (1 credit = RM1). My tops probably weight about a pound..which will cost me only RM15 for shipping from the warehouse to my address in Malaysia. I've used their services before and thought..why not? This is a price comparison:

Grand Total on US Website, Shipping to US Warehouse address then to my address in Malaysia:

RM96 + RM15 =RM111 *total time takes 2 weeks

Grand Total on Malaysia Website, Shipping to Malaysia address:

RM138.00 *total time takes 3 weeks to a month maybe

All because of saving RM27 and 2 weeks. I choose to buy the tops from the US website.

The only thing is, after I ordered the stuff..I found out after chatting with the customer service that the warehouse company has a minimum purchase of 500 credits (RM500). You mean I have to spend RM500??? FML. I should have checked with them first.

SIGH. I decided that I would just have to consider my RM96 for the tops to be burned just because I don't want to spend extra. But I don't know. I haven't made up my mind yet.. maybe if people actually pay me the money they owe me, I still can consider spending RM500 for my shipping credits..I can use the rest in the future.

The moral of the story is -- check first before you buy. Don't be like stupid Marion.

On Beauty (RM35) and Miscellaneous (RM38.03)

I spent RM35 for the 'Beauty' category last month and it was for hair wash. I cannot help it, wash and blow was only RM35! To me - it was a bargain. You can see it on my How Much I Spent This Week video.

Other things that I bought were Unfold Templates at RM3.90 and a hair curler from Taobao (RM34.13).

On Donations aka Gifts (RM303.89)

I gave my brother RM100 so that he could buy return tickets from Kuching to KK for my dad's surprise party. He is still a student so I didn't mind paying for him. I also spent RM203.89 on my dad's gift.

Little Finn with my dad's gift


To conclude this month, I actually spent a lot because of my dad's surprise party. The total was RM697.89 for my own flight, my brother's flight and gift for my dad. I had to reduce my savings this month for both my future house and for the camera that I really want. I'm determined to stay on track in March. The year is passing by so fast!

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