BigPay App/Card: 1 Month Review

If you follow me on Instagram @marionstjoan, you would know that I got my BigPay card early in January and I announced that I was going to use this card for a month. I asked my followers on IG Stories for their referral code and used one of theirs to get my free RM10.

BigPay is an e-wallet but its literally like any other debit card. You need to top-up the card before making any online or retail transaction as well as cash withdrawals at the ATM. It's weird, because it functions almost like a bank, but its not really a bank. Anyway! It’s a great card for travellers because you can use this abroad without extra commission on exchange rates. You get to save money here. Not only that, but if someone were to steal your card while you travel, you can actually ‘freeze’ your card through the mobile app so that the thief won’t be able to make any purchases (assuming you still have your phone).

If you want to report your card as stolen, you can do it on the app. You can literally do everything there — you can monitor your transactions, check your balance, top up and manage your card on your mobile app. But the 'freeze' feature is pretty cool. Honestly, if you are a frequent budget traveller, this card is a MUST.

I didn’t travel in January so I can’t write this post in a traveller’s perspective

Right now I’m just going to write about how I used this card throughout the month and what I think about it. Here are some ways that I used BigPay:

Grocery Shopping and Any Shopping at the Malls

It's literally like a normal debit card so I used it to go grocery shopping. I usually use cash to pay for my groceries but if I use BigPay, I can get points! hehe I've also used it to shop for clothes. I used my card to buy my cheongsam dress at Parkson last month.

Shopping on Taobao

I love this the most! I got SO MUCH points from this (because I spent a lot here). Also, if you save your card details in Taobao, you don't need to keep keying in all the basic details already. Just need to key in the last 3 numbers on the back of your BigPay card to confirm the booking. I'm sure thats easy to remember right?

Paying for Coffee (or Any Restaurants)

I try not to eat out a lot but I do spend time at the cafe to work and I like to get coffee and some snacks. I'm thinking positive -- at least I can get a few points a month from overpriced food.

Get BIG Points When I Top Up & Pay My Bills

You don't only get points when you use your card to pay for something, but you also get points when you top up. This is one of my favourite things about BigPay at this moment. When I started using this, I had 2,934 BIG Points. Now I have 3,209 BIG Points..yay! I hope I’ll be able to score free flights this year. I never took BIG Points seriously until now. I usually don't bother about points system because its very tedious and it takes a long time, but surprisingly I am very motivated by the app. Maybe its because I can always see my points at the top right corner on the app?

Save Money on AirAsia Bookings

I used to book AirAsia flights almost every month and it would always annoy me when I had to pay extra for processing fees. It’s only a few ringgit but I am stingy when it comes to these things lol

It’s nice to have a way to avoid that now. All I have to do is pay using BigPay and I don't have to deal with processing fees anymore. I also used the card to book my Malindo Air flight for extra points.

Other Notable Features

You can also withdraw your cash from the ATM using your BigPay card but this is only useful if you want to withdraw cash overseas while skipping the money changer. Local Fee: RM6.00 per transaction // Overseas: RM10.00 per transaction.

Other features include exclusive access to AirAsia sales, which I have yet to experience, as well as the feature to track expenses -- which I am not that impressed with. I think that particular feature is still a little bit wacky because it categorised my Taobao order as ‘Food & Drinks’. I prefer to track my expenditures on another app.

It’s very easy to apply for this card and the best thing is - NO NEED TO CUE UP. I assure you that the most annoying thing that you have to do is just to take a pic of your IC or Passport and take a selfie to verify..that’s all. It’s for your own protection anyway..

Then all you have to do is wait a few days for them to deliver this card to you. I did it while I was on a holiday to KK and by the time I came home a few days later, my card had arrived in the mailbox.

Download the app on Google Play or the App Store and use my code ‘0A4ZJEEBP2’ to get RM10 for free...the main benefit of using the code is that we’ll both get RM10. Code expires July 2019. The amount will be credited to your account once you’ve received your card and activated it.

Hope this review helps!!