Monthly Expenses Breakdown: January 2019

What a productive January! I created 10 videos for my Youtube Channel this month alone..with my Family Mart Malaysia Food Haul: Part 2 video being the most popular of all. In January, people watched over 300+ HOURS of my content and that makes me so happy because nowadays it is really hard to break into the platform since it is so saturated already.

January started off as a great month for me as I got to spend it with my family. We did the usual makan-makan and I even scored myself RM200 through blackjack hehe

In terms of expenditures, I managed to lower my Maxis bill this month. Thank goodness, because the last two months was brutal, even 30GB was not enough and I had to keep purchasing extra one-off data from Maxis. The reason why is because, for the last 4 months, I have been going to KK for work and staying for more than a week which took its toll on my data. My dad's home doesn't have good wifi like my Unifi lol and I couldn't even depend on the coffee shops because it was equally bad! I made a noob mistake of trying to upload a video on Youtube using only my Maxis data. Never again...its so expensive. A few months ago, I even had to pay almost RM250 on my bill *shudders*

I need to manage my time and produce content in advanced before I travel.

On Utilities & Transport

My utilities are within the normal range this month, even though I was gone for a week. My water bill, which is included in the utilities, is always fixed at RM36 every month, which I think is ridiculous but that is just one of the disadvantages of my apartment. I'm still grateful though because at least I have running water, wish my home in KK will have water soon!

I mostly spend on Grab for my transportation. I did ride the bus too this month and also paid for petrol when I was in KK. Another thing I spent for transportation this month was for my return flight to Penang for a family trip this March. Guess how much I paid for it??

RM89!! For return flights from KL to Penang. Can't wait.

On Food..Because Food is Life

I remember telling myself that I needed to CHILL on the food expenditures this January because I spent a whopping RM800+ on JUST FOOD in December. This month I spent almost RM500.. out of that number, RM282.80 was spent on Groceries while RM214 was spent on Eating Out. I think I did an okay job, considering I have expensive tastebuds.

Cooked a lot of meals like this at home. An average meal is about RM3

Having a feast at Woo Cafe at Jalan Dewan

Treating the girls to Biru-Biru after a hard day's of work. I needed a shot for IG hehe

On Wants & Needs

This month I also spent some money on a piece of cheongsam. I saw the perfect one while I was out with my friend and I couldn't resist. I wore it for the first time during the CNY Edition of Jesselton Artisan Market, as pictured above.

I also spent a lot on 'Beauty' this month..I got my eyelash extensions done for RM219. It is expensive but that was the balance payment of my three session package. That means I don't have to pay for my next session.

I can go without colouring my hair or maintaining my nails every week or going for spa all the time but eyelash extensions are my expensive weakness. I used to secretly wear mascara during high school because I wanted longer eyelashes HAHA I never got caught though

The RM5 expenses under 'Pharmacy' was for disposable pads because my period unexpectedly came while I was out with my friend. I usually use reusable ones as well as the menstrual cups but I wasn't prepared that day as it was unusually early.

I also contributed RM200 for food and cake for a party which I labelled as 'Donation'. Other miscellaneous expenses was RM64.90 shipping cost and a one-off payment of RM7.90 for a new template on the 'Unfold' app. I like to use the templates to create beautiful Instagram Stories. You can see my Instagram Story Ideas here and here.

Not everything was positive this month. I did have days where I felt very overwhelmed and literally do nothing in the dark. Sometimes I get migraines from that as well. I think too much..thats probably why I have so much white hair now.

Thats all guys! I hope you enjoyed my FIRST monthly breakdown posts. Other bloggers who do similar posts like these (that I know of) are Suraya from and Nicole from I'm Funemployed.


I wrote a whole post about my fixed expenses for 2019, you may read it here.

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