Marion's Fixed Personal Expenses 2019

Earlier this year, I announced that I was going to write about my monthly expenses breakdowns on here. I enjoy reading other peoples post about their monthly expenses and their thoughts about why they spend on certain products. Why do I enjoy reading posts like that? I don't know..I find it very interesting, probably because I recently discovered the personal finance world last year lol

Now, before I start writing about the monthly breakdowns, I want to write down a detailed post about my fixed expenses so I don't need to repeat this every month. As you can see from the figure above, my fixed expenses total to RM1477.16 every month and it consists of Rent, Unifi, Adobe CC, Insurance, Netflix and my iCloud storage.

RENT - RM1000.00

At RM1000 a month, I do think that my rent is expensive..especially when I compare it to my previous living situations. I used to live in shared houses and rented my own's a life that I sometimes miss but I just don't feel safe anymore because my stuff tends to get stolen and little annoyances like having to clean other people's mess just stresses me out (Example: having to throw trash that is infested with maggots)

I currently live in a 500+sqf one-bedroom apartment (with its own balcony) that is attached to a small shopping mall. I have everything here including ATMs, a grocery store, a hardware store, multiple restaurants to choose from, Watsons/Guardian/Caring, Coffee Bean, Starbucks, FamilyMart, and even a dentist!! There is also a clinic right across the road. My convenient location is able to offset my monthly transportation costs by RM150-RM200 and I don't think that is too bad. I don't have to throw other people's trash or listen to my roommates argue if they got pregnant or not (trust me it happened before, they were shouting at each other SO LOUD that I actually woke up from my sleep at 1AM). I don't have to worry so much about having stalkers anymore since I don't spend as much time travelling out for groceries. I feel comfortable working from home or if I feel like procrastinating, I can just go to a cafe so I am productive.

Honestly, I love it so much that if I could buy my unit, I would. But since I am thinking of saving more money this few years, I might have to downgrade my living situation. We shall see how it goes.

UNIFI - RM157.95

I currently think that my Unifi is too expensive at RM157+ for 100mbps and I am thinking of changing to TIME which is cheaper but I still have a few months left of my contract. The wifi is very convenient for my Netflix because I have a TV and its also convenient for uploading my Youtube videos..but I have a love and hate relationship with Unifi but now it is weighing more on the hate side. Hopefully I will be able to make some changes this year.


I currently use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro for my work and personal life and I'm thinking of learning Adobe Illustrator (but I am still procrastinating). I was thinking if I should put this under business expenses or not but decided against it because I use this more for my personal life. Costs a lot of money to have nice graphics and picture edits. I hope more people see this so they don't ask me to create content for free thanks. If free gifts worth RMxxx can pay for this, then I will consider it lol


When I was 21 years old, I got convinced to take life insurance by someone I knew without actually doing my research. To be honest, I didn't know myself enough to know what kind of insurance was best for me. Actually, if I could turn back time, I would have preferred to get medical insurance or something then. But meh... I don't really bother now about all this things. I just continue to pay the one I currently have. To my readers, what type of insurance do you have that you pay every month? Do let me know in the comments section :)


Netflix is actually something that I could live without but I have a TV and I want something to entertain my friends when they come over so this is why I am still paying for it. I am at a risk of being a couch potato though so I might need to stop using this service in the future (maybe in 5 years time hehe). The cost is okay to is still cheaper than taking a Grab car to KL.


I used to pay RM3.90 for my iCloud Storage but I was forced to upgrade because of the notification about me not having enough space was annoying me so much. On the other hand, I do feel like having enough iCloud Storage is very important, just in case I lose my phone again in the future. I've learnt my lesson. Backup backup backup.