Gift Ideas for Family & Friends

Sometimes, it's hard to think of a gift for someone. I think it is even harder to think of gifts for people who you are not very close to or who are not vocal about the things that they want. If you want some fail proof gift ideas, here are some gifts that I've received from family and friends over the years that I still keep and regularly use. If you don't feel like reading the post, feel free to watch my 5 minute video.

Ideas in the same order as in the video:

1. Top

My friend Faith gave me this top a few years ago and I still use it till now. I think the reason why I still love using it because it is in a very neutral colour (white) and it is comfortable. I love wearing this particular top with a pair of black leggings when I am taking a flight. SO COMFORTABLE. I call it my 'flight uniform' lol

2. Small Zipper Storage Bag

I got this small zipper storage bag from my family also a few years ago, maybe 2 or 3 years ago and I still use it all the time..literally on a daily basis. It is very convenient when it comes to storing my miscellaneous items like adapters and USB cable, Tiger Balm, pens, memory card (because I take pictures and videos a lot) etc. It's super practical to me. Also, mine has a little cat photo in front because everyone knows how much I love cats so thats a bonus. Can't say no to storage bags.

3. Wallet

I got this really pretty Kate Spade wallet from my aunt from her trip to Korea a few years ago. I used to use it as my main wallet a few years ago..but I prefer smaller wallets now so I mostly just use this to go to fancy events now. If you would like to gift a wallet, I would suggest a good quality wallet depending on their taste in the size of the wallet.

4. Knitted Pouch

I got this handmade knitted pouch from one of my family members a few years ago (I think when I was like 19 years old) and at first I did not know what to do with it. In the end, it became my coin purse and it still is! I love it.

5. Plain Journal

I got this in 2010 from my high school friends because they knew how much I loved to write. With social media and blogs, I don't write much in my diary anymore but I still can when I want to so that is why I love this gift so much.