2018 Recap

What a year it has been! 2018, you have been good to me. Here is a recap of my year:

Graduated with First Class Degree + No Student Debt

This was the biggest goal I’ve achieved in 2018! I’ve been taking my undergraduate degree for 3 years now and have finally completed my studies. My only goal was to graduate with no student debt and all I had to do was get first class which I did. Getting the confirmation letter for my PTPTN Exemption in October was an emotional day for me because it was proof of all my hard work. It was hard during my final year because on top of studies and work, I was swamped with other activities which caused me to get a few unsatisfactory results and I thought I couldn’t reach my goal. But THANK YOU GOD.

Got serious about Personal Finance + Applied for Private Retirement Scheme (PRS)

I stupidly wasted money (RM2000 to be exact) on under eye fillers earlier this year and also made some bad investments, but the silver lining was that it led me to be a little bit more mindful about my personal finance management. I’ve been documenting my expenses in a personal finance sheet for two years at that point but it was time to up my game so I did quite a few research on how to manage and especially SAVE my money. One of my research even led me to invest in a Private Retirement Scheme (PRS). On top of that, I have clearer money goals now..I want to save for a house. I want a tiny house with a big garden! My dad has been hinting at me to move back to KK..maybe this will be the reason? Only time will tell.

I also need to educate myself about taxes too because I don’t know anything about it.

Talked at Two Panel Sessions

I have to thank Cloudbreakr for inviting me to speak at my first panel session as well as Mompreneur Asia & BRAVE for inviting me to speak at my second one about influencer marketing. It was definitely a new thing for me and I hope I can continue to learn so I can grow my skills.

Got Mimirello Enterprise Up & Running

This year, someone advised me that if I wanted to do a business, I have to do it properly..that means I had to get the business registered and get a separate bank account for it so I did. I had a few challenges trying to make it happen, especially in setting up the bank account. The brand managed to get involved in a few markets such as Jesselton Artisan Market and I had a helluva time being a vendor. I tend to doubt myself at times and I easily get discouraged by failure so I couldn’t have done this without the encouragement of a select few people. Thank you.

Started Zero Waste + Gardening

In April, I watched Bea Johnson’s video talking about #zerowaste and it opened up my eyes about the dangers of plastic towards humans and also the environment. I thought I was already being a good citizen by bringing reusable bags to the grocery store but that was not the case. I’m not an environmentalist but I wanted to do something to contribute. This year, I managed to establish a few key habits that helped me to reduce my waste:

  1. Bringing my water tumblr everywhere and greatly reduced my use of plastic bottles.

  2. Buying produce using produce bags and seafood/meat in reusable containers. I probably managed to save an average of 60 plastic a month on this. 8 months x 60 plastic = 480 plastic bags saved.

  3. Eating less packaged food like chips, ice cream, cookies and chocolate. The up side is that I got to lost weight!

  4. Using reusable menstrual pads and menstrual cup. These are not only plastic savers, but also money savers.

  5. Replacing other personal care items like tissues with facial cloths, plastic earbuds to bamboo earbuds, using reusable cotton pads instead of disposable ones (I’m still working on this), disposable shavers with reusable ones etc

Read more about my #zerowaste journey here.

I also got into gardening, and I was surprised that I loved it so much! I’ve always admired my dad for having green fingers and now I even managed to grow my own herbs and flowers.

Read more about my gardening journey here.

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More Local Travels

It was really fun visiting New Zealand, The Philippines and Indonesia during the previous years but 2018 was all about travelling local for me as I wanted to focus more on my personal finance. I had the opportunity to visit Cherating and stay at The Kasturi earlier this year. A few months after that, it was hiking at Murug-Turug Waterfall at Tamparuli as well as ATV and sunsets in Kundasang, Sabah. I also has a joyride and a short day trip with my family to Dragon Peal Beach Resort.

For my birthday, I explored Gopeng to hike at Bukit Batu Puteh then explored Ipoh (and ate good food!) after that. I also visited Cameron Highlands for the first time so it was such an amazing experience for me.

Something Extra

I was also lucky enough to bump into Jason Derulo this year!

All of these are positive points of my year BUT I had become honest with myself and also overcome many challenges to achieve them. I hope there will be more family bonding, health, wealth and love in 2019 for me and I hope the same for my readers as well. Have a Happy New Year!!!