How to Get a Better Deal at Cameron Highlands Resort

I recently visited Cameron Highlands Resort and was really happy my stay there, even though it was only for a night. For those interested in staying here, I would advise booking directly on their website instead of going through sites like Agoda because you can get more benefits such as a complimentary steamboat dinner for two persons and a complimentary 50-minute massage for one person (for overnight stays from Sunday to Thursday, with terms and conditions of course) on top of complimentary parking, breakfast for two person and also their Jim Thompson Mystery Trail activity.

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3:00PM - Parked the car and checked in. It was raining at that time so when I got out of the car, the staff ran to me with an umbrella and helped me with my luggage. When I walked in to the main door, the check in counter was on my was in the same room as the lounge area and I could see people having high tea. It looked delicious. I wanted to try it but it clashed with my complimentary massage session as the therapist was only available at 4:00PM. The front office manager also asked what time should they book us for the steamboat dinner and we decided on 8:00PM. We informed them that we were interested in the Jim Thompson Mystery Trail and they booked it for us and told us to wait at the lobby the next day at 9:00AM.

3:30PM - Got into the room and it was pretty nice..if you want to see more of it, I took a video for my vlog and you can watch it at the end of this post. For now, I want to guide you through my one-night stay experience - both good and bad. I hope that it would help you to make a better decision or at least plan your trip well.

4:00PM - I head over to their Spa Village for the complimentary massage. I chose their Swedish Massage and I found out that the original price of the massage was RM200++. What a steal! Even though it was complimentary, they treated me like a full paying customer and the massage was amaaaazing. I wish I brought my camera and took a photo of the massage room because there was a separate shower and toilet as well as a huge bathtub. It was very private and relaxing..I wish the massage lasted 3 hours.

5:00PM - After I finished the massage, it was time for food! Since the complimentary steamboat dinner was only 3 hours away, we didn't want to eat too full so we just decided on a cake and some coffee. After that, I went around the resort to take photos and then went back to the room to nap. It was raining the whole time so I didn't feel like going out to explore Cameron Highlands.

Best cheesecake ever

8:00PM - Woke up from my nap, took a shower, got dressed and headed off to Gonbei Steamboat Restaurant. It was literally just a one minute walk away from my convenient! It was an open restaurant so it was quite cold that night, plus it was raining, so I advise everyone to wear a nice and warm jacket there. Anyway, when you are seated in the restaurant, the waiter will ask if you want the meat plate or seafood plus meat plate. For outside customers, the meat plate cost RM75+ and the seafood plus meat plate cost RM110+ (My memory is a little fuzzy on the price but it is within that range). Since our room booking came with complimentary steamboat dinner for two person, it was complimentary but only for the meat plate..if you decide to get the seafood plus meat plate, they will charge an additional RM35 (but in my case, it was free that day hihi). The other ingredients like vegetables, fishballs, fu chuk, eggs and other random ingredients as well as their dessert are served buffet style so you can pick and decide according to your own liking. They also have a separate a la carte menu of grilled dishes that you can try..I ordered 2 dishes from that - a prawn dish and an asparagus dish. It's pricey and the portions are small but I can say that it is delicious. But overall, because the room was booked through the Cameron Highland Resort website, we saved RM185 on the dinner! Definitely value for money.

Steamboat at Gonbei

This tiny dish cost RM8. But then it was also delicious lol

7:00AM - Woke up for was early but remember - we were supposed to have the Jim Thompson Trek. They have a buffet breakfast and it complete with the basics but you can also order meals like Roti Pratha, Big Breakfast Plate, Congee etc. I'm sorry, I didn't take a picture of that menu. I ordered Congee (because I looove having congee when I'm staying at a hotel ) and took some cereal, bread and fruits from the buffet. So full.

8:30AM - Got back to the room and saw that it started raining. Decided to cancel the trek since it looked like it was going to rain for a few hours. The trek was supposed to be for 2 hours so I was kind of relieved. We remaining few hours were spent packing, lounging around and taking more photos and videos.

11:00AM - Checked out of the hotel and yes.. it was still raining. Had a great time at the resort. The only thing I would complain about (same as everyone else) was the noise coming from the highway at night and especially in the early morning. It seems like all of their balcony faces the highway (because it was also facing the golf course) so this cannot be avoided, sadly. I hope to come back in the future though!

I filmed the room at Cameron Highland Resort for this video. It starts at 6:40..check it out!