Travel Journal: Ipoh & Cameron Highlands

Day 1: Gopeng & Ipoh

The plan was to leave Cyberjaya at 7am but we ended up leaving at almost 10am after breakfast. It takes about 2 and a half hours to drive up to Gopeng, where the first activity was located - hiking at Bukit Batu Putih. I saw beautiful photos of the place on Instagram and just HAD to check it out since it was on the way to Ipoh. We got a little bit lost and ended up at this Ulu Village Camp instead, so a piece of advice here - if you are driving using Waze, set the location to 'Kampung Pintu Padang Gopeng', you will know that you are on the right track if you passed a sign that says 'Mee Kari Ami'. And then another sign that says this:

This is the entrance, the hiking trail is right behind the sign. The little red building is the toilet so feel free to use it.

Based on my research online, I found that some people paid RM3 for admission fee but when we reached there, there wasn't anyone nearby so we just proceeded to hike up. By that time, it was already lunchtime, so that was probably why no one was there because hikers don't usually come during that time of day since the sun is already hot. The trek was not difficult at all (compared to my Murug-Turug hike in KK) and the trees provided much needed shade. I got to say though, there are ALOT of mosquitos there so be prepared with repellants because it is NOT pleasant at all. The hike took us less than 25 minutes to hike up, 10 minutes to take photos and 15 minutes to hike down. Less than an hour and done. I did see another pathway at the top though but did not go further because the sun was just too hot and there was just too much mosquitos.

The view was worth it though.

After hiking down, we planned to head straight to Ipoh for lunch and check in but waddaya know, we stumbled upon this place called Gaharu Tea Valley so being the curious humans we were, we went in and checked it out. It looked empty and there were many signs of 'trespassers will be shot' everywhere. Even though we never heard of it before, it was actually was tourist destination lol. They had a restaurant there but there wasn't much choices, but I was hungry so I ended up choosing their Chi Kut Teh noodles and didn't like the taste at all. After lunch, we decided to go to the tour since it was only RM10 per person if you have a MyKad. PLUS, you didn't have to wait for their schedule because you can proceed after you pay! We felt super VIP because two of their staff joined us and they gave us superb services which you can't get during their busy days on the weekends.

Note: They are closed on Tuesdays.

A little map of their tour stops

Another spectacular view. This place has 200,000 Gaharu trees. That building in the middle is apparently a birds nest building.

There are some cute places to take photo too over there

After the tour, it was already about 4.30pm, so we decided to head straight for WEIL Hotel Ipoh for some rest. I had an hour long nap after that before getting ready for dinner time. Dinner was at this popular seafood restaurant called Pusing Place (it's not halal btw). The food was SO delicious and it was not a surprise that the place was packed even though it was only a Wednesday. I saw large groups of families and friends and also a whole company having dinner there. It was happening. After dinner, we went for a massage at Thai Oasis. 2 hours was about RM150 per person, and it really feels as good as Thai Oddessy.

Simple food but SO YUMMY. Especially their Prawns with Signature Sauce OMG! Still thinking about it.

Oily and crispy and flavorful and FAT..just how I like my prawns.

Day 2: Ipoh & Cameron Highlands

Woke up and ate breakfast at the hotel, I just had a croissant and some congee because we actually planned to go out for Dim Sum. I actually have a little story about WEIL Hotel: I couldn't seem to sleep that night, which was really weird since I usually sleep once my head hits the pillow. I noticed that my heart kept racing for no reason..well actually that's not it, I think my heart kept racing because I heard the security box beeping throughout the night (I still have chills when I think about it). Sometimes its a few times, sometimes it was just once. It did beep in the afternoon when I came into the room the first time, I was wondering what the sound was until I saw the security box say '1111' but didn't think twice about it. It's just weird that it did it throughout the night and not in the morning after, like?????? Another strange thing was that I noticed that there was a building with the word '111' not too far from there too. Is it connected? I don't know. My room number was 1246 by the way.

Other than that little incident, the hotel was really pretty and modern. You can see the tour of their room in my vlog at the end of this post. Moving on, after the light breakfast, we got back to the room to get ready before checking out. Our next destination was Foh San, a popular dim sum place, to eat the second round of breakfast.

After breakfast, we still had some time to spare before visiting the temple so we ended up in Ho Yan Hor Museum. Apparently it's a very famous tea and I didn't know at all lol. It's a nice museum about the history of the late founder and how they used to live. Most of the stuff looks like my grandmother's stuff in the kitchen (I miss her). It was also interesting to see all the old packaging of ordinary items like Cadbury, Bovril, Nestum, Colgate etc

We spent less than an hour in the museum. Next, we went to get some famous Tau Fu Far at the Funny Mountain. For a little shop, they sure had a lot of customers, but it took us like 10 minutes to order and eat our food. So silky and nice. Before departing for Sam Poh Tong Temple, we stopped by the local shops to buy some Ipoh snacks and a Pamelo (one of my fav fruit). You can watch more about my experience at the temple in my video at the end of this post. After visiting the temple, it was time to head off to the next destination - Cameron Highland Resort! I actually wrote a separate post about that. Click below if you are interested to read.

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Day 3: BOH Tea Plantation

It was still raining on Day 3, which means we had to cancel our Jim Thompson Trail Walk. We just lazed around after breakfast until it was time to check out and head to BOH Tea Plantation. The journey to the plantation took about 38 minutes from the resort (it was quite far) but the view makes up for it. Plus, the rain had stopped by the time we reached the place so no complaints from me.

Once we reached there, we saw a sign that said Viewing Tower which required us to hike up 174m. It was about a 15 minute walk up, the view was beautiful but it was really windy..even in the afternoon so bring a jacket. Unfortunately, I didn't vlog the way up or even around the viewing area because 1. I was out of breath and 2. I was just amazed by the beauty of view that I wanted to take as much photos as possible during the short 10 minutes lol

We stopped by at their little cafe to have a drink before heading back home. We even met some little furry friends there, which is always a delight. I've also blogged about most of the experience so if you prefer to watch it, feel free to do so! I'm trying to create more videos so I can reach 1000 subscribers by early next year, hope that you can support me so I can create more content :)

Watch here: