Where to Eat: Food to Try at 10gram, Cyberjaya

10gram is probably one of my favourite cafes in Cyberjaya. It's located at Tamarind Square, right beside Glaze. It was featured in my Discover: What to Eat in Cyberjaya post and it's a great place to have lunch with friends, or to have tea-time with friends, or even to do some work (there is even a one-person seat with it's own plug so that's super awesome!). The cafe has a great selection of Western and Asian food as well as snacks like waffles, toast or fries. I LOVE their rice selection, not so much for their pasta or breakfast section. Their snacks are pretty nice too.

Indoor Interior

Indoor Interior

Outdoor Interior. It's hot in the afternoon but great for light rainy days or cloudy days.

This is the view from the mini table thats great for working.

The only downside is that the table is not sturdy enough since it's kind of connected to the seat in front

Can't go wrong with fries (RM7.90). Although when I asked for tomato sauce, they could have just gave me the bottle instead of just the plastic things they used to put the sauce because it was such a wasteeeee.

Milk Toast (RM4.90)

I think I've ordered this 3 times since I've discovered 10 gram lol

10gram Cyberjaya Menu: Rice Section

Soy Garlic Chicken with Steamed Rice (RM13.90)

Ayam Berempah with Steamed Rice (Recommended! My Favourite. Also RM13.90)

Told you! It's my fav.

Tea. They always serve it like this..super cute!

Hot Cappuccino (RM9.90)

This drink is called Rainy Day (RM15.90 if not mistaken?? Can't recall)

Big Breakfast (RM19.90)

Baked Cheese Burrito (A friend tried it but it doesn't look that appetizing to me. RM19.90)

I like this one. The person is small but its just nice for me (I even shared it with another person)

Berry-Berry Belgium Waffle (RM19.90)

Thick Cube Toast (you also need to share this with another person because I couldn't finish it alone! RM14.90)