1 Week of Chrissy Teigen's Food

What's the point of buying a cookbook when you're not going to cook anything from it. That's what I always say to motivate myself to cook, but it doesn't always work. That's why I came up with the solution of cooking at least one recipe from the cookbook and taking a video of it. It was exhausting to cook and film at the same time but I did it! I managed to make food that I never made before like Gnocchi, Pad Krapow, Hasbrowns, Tuna Melts, Mexican Street Corn etc

Watch the video to watch.

#Cooking #ChrissyTeigen

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My name is Marion and I'm Malaysian. My website is where I like to blog about my personal finance journey, personal thoughts and anything that I feel is interesting. All I want is to have a balanced life.


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