3 Ways to Earn Side Income Through Social Media

People always ask me, “How many followers do you need to have to earn money?”. Some people think that you need to have thousands of followers in order to make money through social media and they think that being an influencer is the only way to do it. The thing is - that is not the only way you can earn money. Social media is a job, which involves a lot of behind-the-scene work that are time consuming, especially if you are handling all the platforms.

1. Social Media Services

Social media services are actually quite in demand. Even as a small business, I know that it is one of the ways that I can reach my potential clients, but the thing is, with my limited resources, it’s really hard for me to concentrate a lot of my time on this. You’d be surprised at how high the demand is for social media services. If you have decent photography or videography or writing or editing skills, then you have a chance to make a side income through social media.

Here are some of the social media services you can offer:

  • Social Media Setup – setting up social media accounts and pages such as Facebook pages, Instagram profiles, Youtube channels and more.

  • Social Media Management – creating content, postings, and campaign management.

  • Community Engagement – Replying messages and comments, interacting with the community, answering questions, etc to gain exposure as well as reach potential customers.

  • Influencer Marketing - if you’ve already established yourself in the social media world, brands will pay you to promote their products/services. I’ve seen people with less than 2000 followers getting sponsored, IT IS POSSIBLE.

  • Programming - During one of my panel sessions, I met someone who created an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot that helped to answer inquiries on Facebook’s Messenger. You can sell your chatbot services to people who don't want to spend time handling tedious and repetitive inquiries. If you are interested, I can get you in touch with them.

Here are some detailed examples:

  • Content Creation – use your photography/videography/writing talents to create content for businesses. Have only writing skills? Write away! There are also plenty of copywrite-free photos online that you can use for the post. Creating ready-to-use content for Instagram can also be viable option for you.

  • Copywriting– I used to spend a lot of my time copywriting for a company I was working for and there is a demand for it, especially for Twitter due to the limited number of words.

  • Increase Followers or Engagement – A user is more likely to follow a profile that they have engaged with. And a user is more likely to engage with a familiar profile or a profile with interesting content.

  • Live Videos or Insta Stories - Doing live videos and insta stories takes a lot of precious time. Sell your time to people who do not have it.

Where can you find social media related jobs? Try these options:

2. Join an Affiliate Program

Many large businesses now have affiliate programs. How do you earn money from this? Basically, all you have to do is place the affiliate links in your social media channel. Businesses like Amazon, Zalora, Agoda have affiliate programs you can apply for. Having a lot of followers helps to drive clicks and sign-ups, but if you are active in the community, you can create an income from this as well.

It also helps if you have a niche social media platform (for example tech or fashion) because people are more likely to visit you again and click on your link when they remember you. It’s important to always be consistent and engaging.

Here is an example of my Amazon affiliate:

3. Start a Business on Social Media

I love selling things through social media, I have done it since I was a teenager selling foxtails on my blogshop and selling ad space on my review blog. I even sold an Instagram account before. The best thing is that it cost zero money to open an account, and you can experiment and see if your product is viable or not. Currently, I have an e-commerce store called Shop Mimirello where I sell pretty and practical things. I’ve seen someone selling their catering services on social media as well and all of their posts consist of fried chicken and Mac n’ Cheese. I've seen someone sell ugly digital drawings (they were very popular). Do your research, see if there is a demand you can fulfil in the market and be creative.