Discover: Food and What to Eat in Cyberjaya

This is not an ultimate list of food but just a list of food that I personally like to eat in Cyberjaya. Not in any particular order. (Updated: 13 January 2020)

1. Ayam Berempah Rice @ 10gram, Tamarind Square

10gram is a pretty decent cafe and I've tried a lot of food there to the point it deserves its own post (which will be coming up soon). But my favourite meal to have there is of course their ayam berempah with rice. Lord, it taste so good but idk why the portion feels a bit too small?

1. Roti Canai @ Restoran Alef Maju, Shaftsbury Square

Most of the time, I eat breakfast at home. But on days when I have to meet people for breakfast, this place and this dish is my top choice.

3. Pork Ball Noodle @ Go Noodle House, Dpulze Shopping Mall

Since I don't really cook meat at home, I have days when I crave for this but when I see the restaurant, it's always full of people!

4. Beef Glass Noodle Soup @ Aroii Thai Bowl Noodle, Shaftsbury Square

Who doesn't know the most popular boat noodle place in Cyberjaya? I come here specially for their Beef Glass Noodle Soup, but I also enjoy their pandan chicken, sticky mango rice and also ice cold lemongrass drink. Another great thing about them is that they ALWAYS listen to my No Straw request (but I rarely go there during busy times).

5. Nasi Kukus Famosa @ CBD Perdana 2

My friend, Anis, introduced me to this place while we were studying and I think it's really yummy! Price is a premium here, but a plus point is that they do have air conditioning in their place. The ayam dara berempah is my favourite, but it cost RM9+. The drink is refillable tho.

6. Ipoh Kway Teow Soup @ Papparich, Dpulze Shopping Mall

This is the food I eat when I don't have any idea what to eat or if my favourite places are full. I'm sure that most of you guys are already familiar with Papparich so I'm not gonna talk much about it.

7. Garlic Rice with Unagi @ Sushi Zanmai, Dpulze Shopping Mall

MMMMM Sushi Zanmai, my fav sushi place ever. The best thing about the outlet in Dpulze is that there is rarely a line like the one at 1 Utama. My favourite thing to have there is usually the Garlic Rice Small + 3 Pieces of Salmon + Kappa Maki which totals to about RM20+ but on good occasions I like to have their grilled squid, croquette, tempura and of course unagi etc.

8. Half Chicken with 2 Regular Sides @ Nandos, Dpulze Shopping Mall

Nandos anyone? This restaurant is always full of people during lunch and dinner time since it replaced Plan B. I usually come here with a friend, and instead of ordering 1/4 Chicken for each of us, I like to order 1/2 Chicken with 2 regular sides to save about RM10.

9. Beef Pasta @ Monjo Coffee, Shaftsbury Square

Sorry, the name isn't actually called Beef Pasta, I forgot what it's called and I can't find it anywhere on the internet. Monjo Coffee is one of the place where I like to bring my laptop to and work but if I have to eat lunch there, then this pasta is what I usually choose and to me it tastes quite good (just a little bit spicy but I can tahan). It's quite heavy though so eat it only if you are really hungry.

10. Mutton Salad Noodles @ Salam Noodles, CBD Perdana 2

What can I say, I am a sucker for cheap food sometimes. This noodle and a refillable drink is one of the few RM10 meals in Cyberjaya (that I know of). I know that some people don't really like to eat this, but to me, it tastes good and as you can see, it has a lot of veggies too so it's definitely healthier than McD lol

11. Beef Tenderloin Noodle Soup @ Serai, Shaftsbury Square

Have a date in Cyberjaya? Try Serai. The outlet in Cyberjaya is quieter than the other outlets but it still serves the same food. It's usually packed around lunchtime with working people coming there. I really like their noodles, especially this dish, although I do think they put too much fried onions on it. I actually asked the chef to changed it to Bee Hoon for me and they really did (the original noodles is like this fat kuay teow which I do not like at all). Other dishes at Serai like their satay taste really good too.

12. Lauk Pauk @ Sebulek, Shaftsbury Square

I still remember that this meal, and a glass of Teh Ais, cost RM11+ so I think the price is okay. Love the rendang here as it is not spicy at all. Just a no frills, chill and pretty good place to eat where you just choose your lauk pauk.

13. Amazin' Raisin @ Baskin Robins, Dpulze Shopping Mall

You can literally find Baskin Robins anywhere, so there is really no point to come to Cyberjaya just to eat this. But I took this really cute photo and I wanna post it up. Also, if you haven't tried Amazin Raisin, then you should, because it's a really nice flavour!

14. Cantonese Yee Mee @ Homst, Dpulze Shopping Centre

This is my go to meal every time I visit Homst, even though I told myself that I wanted to try other food! Homst is a Chinese Muslim restaurant so of course it's halal. I love the gravy..its so perfect. So if you want halal chinese food, come here :)

That's about it for my post guys! I will add more to this post in the future once I've taken more pictures of it.