Where to Eat: Hi-Tea at Le Meridien, Putrajaya

This post is long overdue but I don't want to waste the pretty photos I took.

A few months ago, after a tiring afternoon of window shopping (lol) at IOI City Mall, my friend and I had a craving for hi-tea. Although Magnum was really tempting, we wanted to try something new. Luckily, Le Meridien Putrajaya is connected to the mall! We saw the poster at Latitude 02 for Hi-Tea at RM68++ (If I am not mistaken) and decided to have our hi-tea there. Since I am writing this post a little too late, I cannot seem to find the latest information online about Latitude 02 or their Hi-Tea. Sorry guys, read on for my review, that's probably the reason.

Even though the photos were really pretty, but the experience was not. Our snacks, as pictured, came after an hour (so long!) and even worst, it wasn't even complete. They were out of one of the snacks and had to replace it with something else (which took an additional 30 mins). Not only was it slow, but the taste left a lot to be desired..I remember feeling so disappointed.

I learnt my lesson, I will only have Hi-Tea at Magnum in Putrajaya. If you know a really good place, please do suggest to me!

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