Caudalié: Beauty Elixir Review

I Finished a Bottle of Caudalié Beauty Elixir. The Verdict?

My Rating

4.5/5 - Out of all the facial mist that I’ve tried. This is by far my most favourite and it’s the only one I’m considering to repurchase again. I love that it’s in a glass bottle so there is one less plastic out there. The only reason why it's not 5 out of 5 is due to not being able to twist the head open so I don’t think I can re-use it, which is a bummer.

Why Do I Love It?

I read that some people don’t like this because of the smell, but the smell is actually the best part of the mist for me because it kind of reminds me of a really nice version of an Asam Boi. Everytime I spray my face with this, it feels tingly, cooling and fresh. Coupled with the smell, I end up spending a few seconds to savour the moment lol

Will I Buy It Again?

YES - I am planning to buy one secondhand..just waiting to get a good deal.

Finished this bottle in 5 months

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