Balcony Garden Update for August

Time for another round of Balcony Garden update! I just want to tell you guys that a couple of exciting things happened in August.. I finally got my first Gomphrena Flower and one of my Chilli also FINALLY turned red! Ahhh I am obsessed with them. I don't know how I am supposed to eat the Chilli tho since I do not eat spicy food (yikes)..Who wants me to cook something for them?! lol

I planted MORE Thai Basil because I thought that my first batch ones was gonna die since it already bloomed so much flower. I even harvested a lot of seeds from them! You can read a separate post about that here. I also planted more seeds and most of them have sprouted and I've also transferred them to soil in bigger pots. Do watch the video to see how beautiful everything is!

My first Gomphrena Flower. It's white but I also have a Magenta one as well now.

New Thai Basil. Feel like they grew so much faster this time round.. or is it just me?

Imagine a few months ago this was all empty. I hope to make it "prettier" soon.