Journey to Zero Waste: August Edition

It's been 5 months since starting my zero waste journey! I made a simple video on a few zero waste tips, hope you guys like it. At this point, a lot of my habits have been changed to be more zero waste like. I still do buy things in plastic sometimes, because convenience is such a powerful thing. Companies spend millions (or even billions) of dollars in order to market convenience to people, and most of us are compelled to. I am not a hard core zero waste fanatic, and I am also terrible at recycling so I still produce a lot of trash. But I'm just a girl trying to balance her life and documenting it in a blog.

Some of my zero waste FAILS this month were:

  • Bought two mooncakes that came in plastic at the grocery store. I couldn't resist.

  • Bought spaghetti in a box but it had a plastic window. Three months ago I finished the last of my pasta (which I bought pre-zerowaste) and I told myself that I wasn't going to buy again. Well this month I did, so that was a fail lol. But I did spend a little bit more to get the one in the box instead of the usual brand that I used to buy before.

  • Straw problem again. The other day, at a cafe, I got my drink with no straw but after a few minutes a waiter placed a straw in my drink while I was looking at my laptop. I knew he meant well but ahhhh that was frustrating.

Some of my zero waste WINS this month were:

  • Made a zero waste video. Watch if you haven't already.. it's only a few minutes :)

  • Convinced a friend to regularly use her glass straw!

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