L’occitane Marketing Strategy: My Sensorial Journey

Last weekend, I decided to visit L’occitane at Mid Valley Megamall, KL. Their temporary pop-up stations was supposed to take us through an immersive experience to delight all of our senses – See, Hear, Feel, Taste & Smell. I thought that it was a great way to create awareness about their brand, introduce their products, get new memberships from new customers, and even benefit from influencer marketing without pushing too hard on the sales. Brilliant. They also did some really good marketing prior to the event, as they encouraged people to sign up on their website at least two weeks before.

Through their sensorial journey, people got to experience all their products such as their shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, face cream, and more. I especially enjoyed their perfume, one smelled like lemongrass! But you must be wondering...how did the brand managed to capture all our attention? Here it is: they promised free samples at the end of your journey.

The keyword here is FREE. I think everyone probably spent at least 40 minutes to an hour, including the time needed to stay in line at various stations, just to get a few free samples. The L'occitane team was also all very helpful and enthusiastically explaining the uses as well as the benefits of the products, which was quite a task since they have to repeat the same thing to probably hundreds of people a day, on top of dealing with confused people who want to join the journey but have not registered yet lol

Trying out some creams. Love the middle one.

Perfume station and some really nice deco

After each station, the assistant at every station will scan the QR code from your mobile, then it will indicate that you have completed that station with a little tick.

One surprising thing was that they have a L'occitane Cafe as well. They only served simple drinks and desserts but it was expensive. But this price is to be expected (basically Starbucks price).

A few days after their event, I was added to the L'occitane newsletter. Unfortunately for them, I am the kind of person that constantly checks my emails and I LOVE unsubscribing to unnecessary emails. Sorry. I have been a user of their deodorant for a few months now but I don't intend to purchase any other products.

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