Apartment Jungle Updates: Thriving Devils Ivy and Dying Pilea

Here is an update of my Apartment Jungle Project!

Growth of Devils Ivy

The most growth I’ve seen from my houseplant this past month was the Devil’s Ivy! Its fun to wake up each day and see it growing..I got new leaves every couple of days! It seems to have slowed down though, I probably need to feed it now.

Update (10/8/2018): My Devil's Ivy experienced root rot after I came back from my Jesselton Artisan Market trip. I am currently trying to root it so that at least this little buddy survives.

Update 2 (22/8/2018): It survived and is growing roots in water!

I hate u

Bought Pilea and It Is Dying

Remember my Discover: ilaka post? I got a new Pilea plant when I visited the store and I’m sad to see my plant dying! I kind of regretted not changing the soil when I got it because there was a worm in it and it completely devoured the roots! I am devastated because the Pilea was my dream plant. I am currently trying to revive it, I’m hoping that the one surviving root will give it enough nutrients to grow more. Fortunately, I have a baby Pilea so thats literally Plan B if the main one dies.

Update (22/8/2018): Both mama Pilea and baby Pilea aren't growing any roots in both soil and water. I am devastated.

Calathea Plant is Drying Up

Ever since I bought this plant, the leaves are always drooping, except during the night because thats the time when it “prays” lol. I’m not sure what is wrong with it. It grew a new leaf last month so is it healthy?? It is still in its original soil so I’m tempted to change it some time soon.

Talk about my Zebra Plant

Of all my plants, I have been neglecting this one the most because for the past month, I had placed it on my bedside table and only see it when I wake up and when I go to sleep. I should give it more sun though because some of the leaves are starting to die. I realized that my least favourite houseplant to care for are succulents.

Update(22/8/2018): My Zebra succulent plant is dead.

I don't know if I will be adding plants next month because I want to focus on keeping these ones healthy. If you guys have any tips on how you keep yours thriving, please let me know what you do and what is your method.