Journey to Zero Waste: July Edition

Every month, I strive to improve my zero waste lifestyle. It has been 4 months since my journey started and I’m still making progress. I hope that I can continue to post regularly about this for another 6 months at least!

Recently, I have been saving the stickers from my grocery store buys and made a little ‘art’ to visualize how much produce bags that I saved, I think I’ve only been saving it close to 2 months now. This doesn’t include plastic bags. It’s only the produce plastic bags in grocery store used to weigh produce.

One new thing I tried this month was washing my dishes with soap bars. The first one I used was this soap bar from Moogoo and I was into the fact that they listed the ingredients as ‘edible oils’. They also have fragrance, which I wasn’t into but the edible oil sold me to it. I also found a ‘sponge’ from Mr.DIY but I wasn’t sure what material it was made out of, the good thing was that it did not come packaged in plastic. Unfortunately, this option was not frugal for me so I won’t be buying this brand for this purpose anymore because it melted in the water and I finished using it in less than 2 week! I’m using a different brand of soap now but I’m still looking for cheaper and more natural option. Will keep you updated.

Another new thing that I’ve tried is a metal razor to replace the plastic ones! I bought it at The Hive Bulk Foods in Bangsar. Anyways, at first, I was intimidated by using it but it’s actually not bad! I haven’t cut myself so far haha

Some of my zero waste FAILS this month were:

  • Still experiencing the plastic straw problem. Even when my drink arrived with no straw, some waiter will pass by and put in a straw. The only solution is ordering hot drinks...but I dislike hot drink.

  • Bought brownies the other day but it's box had a little plastic window.

  • I have some more but I can't remember at the point of this writing.

Some of my zero waste WINS this month were:

  • Created more zero waste awareness after I participated as a vendor at Jesselton Artisan Market! Somewhere out there someone is using our mesh bags to buy produce and some women out there are using our reusable menstrual pads. If you are interested in our stuff, have a look at our shop here.

  • Maintained my zero waste weight loss! LOL. Read more about my weight loss here.

That’s all for this edition, see you in the next one!