BuyandShipMY Experience and Review

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I get really happy when I see something I want online. But my mood changes when the price of shipping to Malaysia is the same or more expensive than the item itself. This usually happens to me when I try to shop on e-commerce sites based in The US. Is it worth paying double? I'm always finding ways to save money..even though I admit, I am a spender but I gotta keep a balance you know lol

How can we find ways to spend less? If it has got to do with shipping, then choosing a logistics provider that can suit your needs is important. My only need is to save money *insert laugh crying emoji*. This is where BuyandShip Malaysia comes in. They are charging RM10 for each pound only. Watch my video to find out about my experience. It's only 3 minutes ;)

You can see that my item is only 1lb that means its RM10.

My Shipping to their US cost 5USD, which is equivalent to about RM20. And as you can see above, it only cost RM10 to ship my item from the warehouse to my address here in Malaysia. Total Shipping = RM30. Not bad. If you are lucky, sometimes there are always *free shipping within the US* promo around those e-commerce sites and you can get your total shipping cost even cheaper!

Now you can purchase from any site around the world and have it seamlessly shipped home.

Want another tutorial? You can refer here.

If you tried it out, let me know in the comment section below.