Where to Eat: Breakfast at Birch KL

Cute cafes are fun, but not all of them have great food. If I'm being honest, I love going to Instagram worthy places to eat but if the food don't taste good the first time round, I probably won't go back again. So I always feel excited to share about places that aren't only cute, but also serve really delicious food.

Birch KL, located at Damansara City Mall, is one of those places where I wish opened in Cyberjaya because I fell in love with having breakfast here! It was almost an hour journey to get there from Cyberjaya, but then again I did leave the house at 9am in the morning, which is when people were rushing out to work. The journey was so long that I got motion sickness so I din't feel well enough to eat anything heavy so I just decided on a fruit platter and their granola. Ah-may-zing! It was totally worth it. I have never been a granola person but somehow after that breakfast, it occupied my mind a lot! Yes, I'm thinking about it now, that is why I'm writing this post. Ugh, I need to learn how to make some, zero waste style, but can't find rolled oats without packaging.

Other than that, the atmosphere was lovely. No loud music playing in the background, which is great for people who want to catch up, great for a date or even an casual informal group meeting. I don't know why, but I seem to go to a lot of cafes or restaurant that play music so loud that I have to shout to talk to my friends. My recent family brunch at The Brasserie KL was also like that. This is not clubbing guys, at least do a sound check or take actual notice of the music. Back to Birch, I really loved how the interior had a lot of greens, one of the waiter told me that someone comes once a week to water them. At least they are taken care of well!

This was what we ordered. I ordered the fruit platter and the granola and Anis ordered the toast and egg.

I am crying. Someone invite me here again pls.

Took some photos here and really liked the lighting!

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