Balcony Garden: I Have a Kasturi Tree and Lots of Thai Basil!

If you watch my Instagram Stories on @marionstjoan, you would know that I recently got a Calamansi aka Limau Kasturi tree! It's the only plant that I didn't start from seed..I didn't wanna wait so long. It was only RM21 including postage and I found the seller on the Carousell app. I got the plant the same day as my IKEA PS Fejö so decided that it was its new home. You can watch the video of me repotting it here:

I used up all the Limau fruits that came with it but saw that a baby one was growing so I just kept an eye on it. Look how much it's grown and look at the new leaves!

I also took a video of what my balcony garden looks like at this moment, it's pretty basic but I like it so far. Currently am researching for more ideas on how to beautify this place. All my herbs are growing nicely, especially my summer thyme and thai basil. I have been pruning the thai basil alot and cooking dishes with it (my fav dish is with prawn and green capsicum..I have an IGTV video of it) and it's still so bushy! I also got my first flower ever the other day.

Thai Basil flower. I pruned it after that because I still want my plant to grow (or remain the same at least).

It popped out 2 more flowers two weeks after that!

I have been obsessed with the summer thyme lately because it's growing really fast and it's so bushy already! I'm at week 7 now. I also just started a new batch because I really like this and am excited to cook with it. Roasted tomato soup yum yum.

Close up of summer thyme.

So big now. I'm a proud plant mom.

I had three small pots of thai basil and I planted it into this pot right here. Now that I look at it, I think I put too much. I might need to repot that soon because the roots might not have space. Aiya.

Let's move on to my chilli plant! I thought this little buddy was the chilli but it looks like it's actually a flower! I'm so excited! I will update once it's opened. Also, since there aren't bees here, I might have to pollinate them myself. Does anybody have any tips for a newbie like me? lol

Speaking of flowers, my gomphena flowers are growing really nicely after they sprouted up. I moved them into these little pots after I transferred my thai basils. The gomphenas seem to like it, can't wait to see them when they flower.

I also planted these petunias the same time I planted the gomphenas but they seem to be growing slowly.