Discover: ilaika, Petaling Jaya

I am a self-proclaimed lover of pretty things. Sometimes I buy things not because they are practical, or cheap, but I buy them because I feel like they are aesthetically pleasing. Now. Imagine going into a shop where everything looks great. White interior mixed with some wooden pieces, a variety of books from different publications that somehow just blends well together, minimalist jars with great design, green plants feels like a dream. Even the cashier was fashionable! I cannot.

The moment I walked in though..I was immediately drawn to the plant section. I can't help it. I am obsessed with plants! Have you seen my project Apartment Jungle and Balcony Garden posts? I just started but I will be updating about it more frequently. Follow Mimirello on Facebook to get updates.

I ended up buying two plates and my current dream plant..the Pilea Peperomioides! Sat there to have a drink with my friend slash photographer, Anis, before we headed back to Cyberjaya.

You can get skincare/haircare/beardcare (lol) etc products here as well. Don't you like how it all manages to blend well together?!

Terranium display is right here.

Dried flower bouquet

Wooden stuff.. I actually like the stand

Plates and bowls. I bought two plates..couldn't resist!

Drinking some very atas tea.

You can order some coffee and cakes and just chill outdoors.

Of course, I had to get some mandatory OOTD shots as well because the place is just too darn cute!

Outfit: Dress and Sandals (Zara)

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